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Clatter Sun Oct 29, 2017 8:42 am

When some crotchety old curmudgeon stops eating right,
Then his bowels get backed up,
and he spends too much time inside watching the news.

What should have come out of his ass ends up in places like this forum..

The news is just another show!

If 17 people in LA die of West Nile virus, there's another 17Mil or so to carry on; the place is hardly going to be empty.
Literally one in a million..

If you don't want to get Hep A whilst in San Diego, I would suggest not sharing needles with the homeless.

One day people will wonder how we could have ever been so stupid with fossil fuels.

In the meantime, grumpy old people will grumble about change, no matter what it is.

"We need a way to a sustainable, prosperous future for mankind."
"I want money".

California tax dollars (us) are literally trying to save the planet.
If we can make consumerist Americans live without killing the earth,
It can work anywhere.

The surf is supposed to be 8-10' today. Low tide is at 1:30.
Where's Chris?!?! \:D/

When the rants are banned, only the banned wait.. :?

SamboSamba22 Sun Oct 29, 2017 9:55 am

I've never been to California but I hear the weather is wonderful, and the woman are dazzlingly beautiful.
So let's make it clear, the housing expenses alone, are not the only thing out of most of our prices ranges...
Perhaps I should move out west again and live like a college student, with my lawn chair furniture. so when it comes time to truly settle down, I can move back further east and be wowed by the affordability of living and goods, I mean I did realize a drastic difference in my pocket book since moving back to Arkansas from Colorado, but I also don't smoke the tweeds anymore.. :lol:

Cost of living has increased substantial amounts across the world, it's tough when folks get out of college with 80k in debt, marry with a combined income of 100k, have newer vehicles with expenses and are limited to homes no less than 150-200k unless they know construction or enjoy baths in bleach. Kids to the mix??? I have a lot to learn, please continue to teach me some useful things, old timers, really I need to know the secrets.

SGKent Sun Oct 29, 2017 11:40 am

Dear OB I am proud to be on your ignore list. 57 years here. No, most of my wealth came from other places than California. I've done a lot of traveling outside of California and the USA. San Diego is a beautiful city but living there these days one misses so many other things that makes life beautiful. We have deer, bears, raccoon, opossum, quail, pheasants, fox, wild turkey here in Citrus Heights, even coyotes, and mountain lion. The backyard is full of flowers and hummingbirds. Robins, magpies come twice a year, and doves are here all the time. We had swallowtail, monarch, and painted lady butterflies as well as the normal plethora of other species this year. Lots of tree frogs too. Lizards run the property in the summer catching bugs, and the garden grows exceptionally well where we save quite a bit of food for the year. We don't have solar but only because the period of time for the saving to pay for the cost of solar is 30 years here, and the typical solar that friends have had installed lasts 8-10 years max. Oh - and you do know that the law is being amended so you can't spin the meter backwards anymore - meaning that if you sell excess power to the utility it will be at wholesale prices but you will pay retail for the power you use at night. You can spend another $30K on battery pack that last 5 - 7 years. Lord knows where that toxic mess will go when they reach end of life. Most people don't typically think that far ahead but I am glad you can afford to throw away that much money so you have either done better than I, or have myopic vision. Most of our electric power comes from renewable hydroelectric and wind here anyway so the cost is less than you pay for SoCal Edison. The house is super insulated so we pay very little in utilities however that will change next year because the rate at the time of day when A/C does comes on will go up triple due the stupid Democrats (e.g. you and your friends) believing they can force everyone to accept their values. The state was a great place until you people started telling everyone else how to live then sending them the bill for it.

Hoody Sun Oct 29, 2017 11:53 am

Would one of the moderators please lock this thread! This forum has been turning into a fucking joke. Where is your favorite sub shop? Today I got my beard trimmed! There is a place on the internet for such useless drivel! Perhaps you have heard of Facebook? This forum is for working on and fixing VW Buses. Chris ok. Great! That was established pages ago.

SGKent Sun Oct 29, 2017 12:42 pm

so sorry and apologies to anyone offended. Maybe I should have used something visual instead of trying to explain it with words.

Abscate Sun Oct 29, 2017 1:51 pm

I've got pretty polar opposite views to you Steve, but don't take the least offense at hearing you out. What's good about civil discussion on these boards vs Facebook is the absence of complete kooks and the shared interest in VWs which breeds mutual respect.

The change and growth in CA is shocking and disruptive to all who live there I'm sure.

babysnakes Sun Oct 29, 2017 2:00 pm

I agree, enough about California, lets talk about Florida (my state), Americas phallus. What's not to like?

Abscate Sun Oct 29, 2017 2:03 pm

babysnakes wrote: I agree, enough about California, lets talk about Florida (my state), Americas phallus. What's not to like?

Hurricanes, gators, and being the Bulldogs bitch yesterday?


SGKent Sun Oct 29, 2017 4:14 pm

Abscate - would buy you lunch anytime, lots to discuss other than politics.

FL is beautiful, my folks lived there for many years in the panhandle when they couldn't stand San Diego anymore (SD really was once like a tropical resort before it got too crowded). Really blue skies too in FL. I loved Miami when I worked there for awhile in the mid-1990's. Have a replacement MDX off lease coming in from there next week thru Acura to replace the one that was totaled last week. Not a flood car but will look carefully. Regardless it will have a warranty until 2022 and another 70,000 miles so if it did have any hidden issues it will be Honda's problem. I would consider retirement in some parts of Florida - mostly the panhandle. Understand that the state sport is trying to hit palmetto bugs while they fly by - PULL - whoosh bang...

And - with all the shells in the pavement it is really easy to make a bus look like it has more power than it does - unintentionally spinning the tires after it rains. My 1971 bay made many happy uneventful trips between Upland CA and Fort Walton Beach FL .

hazetguy Sun Oct 29, 2017 5:35 pm

Well, since anything goes in this thread....

EverettB Sun Oct 29, 2017 5:43 pm

Turning political and the original question about the member was already answered so... Done.

If Old DKP Driver wants to respond, PM me.

jgilchrist Fri Dec 01, 2017 6:57 pm

I love this thread. If you want to get an interesting perspective read Victor Davis Hanson. He's not an ideologue, but very well thought out and an exceptional communicator (when it comes to the future of California, or lack of it).

Jeff G.

Thanks for your help with Bus advice Steve. I owe you one. Please don't go silent.

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