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pastellgreen Sat Feb 09, 2019 9:37 am

Dear all,

my name is Nico Kiefer and I live in Germany. Some of you have read my name on their birth certificate and know me from correspondency, trying all for a real good certificate as possible. I worked at AutoMuseum from 2016 through april 2018. Please don't ask anything about it, as I'm not allowed to talk about it.
I would love to start my thread here about the find and light restoration of my '50 swedish split beetle including an exciting story, but as I have still no time due to a house remodel (learned that vocabulary from DSWeinhagens thread) it has to wait. All I can do know is to send you several pictures from it and tell that I found this car in an ad here on thesamba and am very happy with it.
But the reason for my question here is a bit sad and is also a warning for you all here regarding a special issue. So I start here:

My girlfriend and I got married last year and intended to have the split as wedding car. So a week before, I have washed and waxed the car and wanted to do a test ride to check everything works fine. So the split and I were riding on the route until a well known green light flashed up. So after a minute, I was busy to find a place where we could stop, the traffic was much and the car behind me was nearly pulling us foreward (here around Wolfsburg they drive crazy as fools and don't keep any distance). What was the problem? Some time back I recognized we only have bad reproduced gaskets for the valve covers. The germany made ones are made from cork that is to thin. The brazilian ones are better, but their shape is cut to small. So I went with red silicone gaskets I bought from Jacek. They are made well, have the right shape and thickness. I asked him, if they would have to be glued into the covers, he negated. So I used them as they where. On my test ride, and it was not the first one since they have been installed, one silicon gasket went out of place and the oil leaked out completely, until the green light went on. That is the story. It's sad, since the engine is the original one to the car and I spent lots of bugs to rebuild it with so many NOS parts and was happy, that the case was still untouched, all bearings in normal measurement and cylinders and pistons have been like new. The engine is still running, but know, oil is quitting the exhaust system, so I have to open it and will see the wear and tear(s)...

A friend will bring me a 36hp next week, so I could still drive the car during the wait and rebuild of the original engine. My first question is, if one could connect the 8mm fuel hose to the 6 mm fuel pipe of the engine by using a ring clamp without problems?
Is there anything else I should be aware of?
Should I use the distributor of the split for not to have too much accelaration during gear shifting?

sled Sat Feb 09, 2019 9:47 am

beautiful car!!

shame about your 25hp but if you turned the engine off soon enough then there should be very little, if any damage.

as for the 36hp, why don't you just install the 25hp fuel pump and carburetor? You could also use the 383 distributor.

pastellgreen Sat Feb 09, 2019 10:32 am

Would the carburetor feed the 36hp right so that the mix is not too poor (and the engine running hot)? Also I have to install the muffler from the 24 PS because of the rear apron... would it fit?

sled Sat Feb 09, 2019 2:33 pm

pastellgreen wrote: Would the carburetor feed the 36hp right so that the mix is not too poor (and the engine running hot)? Also I have to install the muffler from the 24 PS because of the rear apron... would it fit?

you may have to install a slightly larger main jet but I doubt the smaller 26 carb will cause it to run significantly hotter.

yes the 25hp exhaust will fit on the 36hp. early 36hp cars had a single tip exhaust just like 25hp cars.

oldovaldriver Sat Feb 09, 2019 8:22 pm

Please don't just "connect the 8mm fuel hose to the 6 mm fuel pipe of the engine by using a ring clamp." The risk with mismatched fuel lines is much too high! Even with the clamp tight, the oversized hose could slip off. And even if the hose from the tank is under vacuum, and the car would most likely just stop, any disconnected fuel line in the engine bay creates a risk of the car going up in flames!

pastellgreen Sun Feb 10, 2019 1:20 am

Thank you very much for your thoughts and help.
So I should use pump, carb, distributor and muffler on the 36hp. The 36hp will be from '60 so I hope, the 25hp muffler will also fit the 36hp manifold.

This 36hp engine was running until disassembling but is untouched, would you suggest to clean it and than check or retry to tork all case and zylinder head nuts to orig spec? Or leave it as is? With the 40hp I often have found out that the cylinder heads became loose over all years in use... otherwise I don't want to open a second site, the spare engine just have to hold as long as I need to rework the original engine (perhaps one year I hope).

pastellgreen Mon Feb 11, 2019 12:34 pm

on Ebay I found this connection from 6 ot 8 mm fuel lines, so I will go with it and could leave the pump and carburetor as is.

pastellgreen Fri Feb 22, 2019 10:46 am

The 36 hp isn't still deliverd yet, but will be soon. So I start with the story of the car, as far I know it...

On New Year's Eve 2014, I did my search for a split beetle as every other day to see, what the new year will bring. This search contained visiting the websites "", "", "", "", "", "", "" and "thesamba", a search I did every day for two or three years. My desired object was a split beetle deluxe without crotch coolers, original paint L11 pastelgreen. On that day, the following ad appeared on thesamba:

"My New Year resolution is to complete the projects I have and to enjoy life more so regrettably my 1950 split bug is looking for a new custodian to take care of her and lavish her with the same love and attention I have given over the last 2-3 years. Built on 23 December 1950, left the VW factory on 28 December it must be one of the very last beetles made that year! She was exported to Sweden from new and spent most of her life there under cover before coming to UK about 7 years ago and then to my ownership about 3 years ago.
She is very very original both exterior and interior wise and has no major welding ever done, all panels are original to the car and none have been replaced. She has only ever had a front brake hose bracket welded.
The interior has original seat covers, tan coloured vinyl mats and carpets which are a bit thread bare after all this time but I am reluctant to change them. The headlining again is original and a bit tatty around the edges but then again so would you be at this age! The car has had one respray done many many years ago in Sweden and it is a slightly lighter shade of green, the wings are original colour and there are patches or original colour on the car where it has been polished through. This real patina and not faked, again never wanted to wreck the character of the car by respraying it just to get a glossy even finish!
The engine and running gear are all original to the car and have been well maintained, she drives well on her original 16" riveted wheels with brand new crossly tyres so long as it is not damp on the roads! The gearbox has been rebuilt and is the original crash box to add more entertainment value to your driving experience!
The car comes with a lot of original accessories which are probably worth in total the value of a decent 60's bug in themselves hence the asking price is firm and I think fair considering the market, what I have spent maintaining her and I do not believe in making a big fat profit to spoil the VW scene for future people. There's loads more to add but not enough space, car is located in Jersey Channel Islands and is a short flight or ferry ride from the UK. I can help with shipping but appreciate that Jersey is a small island so exporting it directly to worldwide destinations will require the services of the UK."

The seller added following pictures:

That was exactly, I was searching for years. I am very thankful to all posters here on thesamba, over these years I was learning so much things and details making me able to recognize if a split would be a solid and true base to start with. Now, beeing at holidays with my girlfriend (now my wife) at her parents house, I had took my laptop with me for beeing able to follow every day the new content on thesamba forums and had a look for the ads, undercover, my girlfriend didn't know anything.

Seeing this ad, I was "high" and had to contact the seller immediately.

"Dear M.,

wishing you a well and happy new year I want to say, I'm very well interested in your offer concerning your split beetle.
If it is possible for you to send me a few pictures in a good resolution, I would be very thank-able.
I once had a rest. project split beetle from 1952, it was a very bad flop (it was very bad welded, not to say maltreated, and perfectly fillerd up to 5mm and perfectly resprayed, I had to sell it at the end and loosing thousands Euros) and now I'm still sad about not having the beetle and the uprising prices for splits...
So please, you could possibly make someone very happy, send me a few pics, perhaps if you have, also from the sensitive areas so I can see it won't be a bad fish.

I love pastelgreen L11 for split beetle and I love split beetle without the "rheumatism flaps"...
so this would be a dream for me, still hoping a coming true one.

Nice greetings fro Germany!


Directly after I wrote him this first Email, the possibillity came to mind to watch his gallery for finding some more pictures from his offered car. And really, I found some more.

"Hello M,

it's me, Nico, again.
I found out a possibility, watching your pictures in higher resolution in your gallery.
I'm very impressed! So I only need pictures of the left (drivers) side, the front and if you have, from sensitive areas like wheel housings, heater channels etc...
But anyhow, you perhaps guess it, I've just made a decision, I only need a few pictures to complete the picture in my head.
If I would buy it (of course if you want it too), I would be able to pay it immediately, but want to collect it in spring when the weather is more open, to make a slow and wonderful journey from Jersey (is there a possibility to go by ferry boat with the car) to France and driving home through France to the southwest of Germany.
So it have to be planned, but I would also like to make the acquaintance with you, I think this is more personally and fitting to a trading like this.

So send me your thoughts about it.

Thank you, Nico"

As one could see by now, I was so much "high", I was insane! But why? It's only a car! Over the years I was self absorbed with that theme, I read so many books about early kdf and after war splits, always owned a normal beetle but found, it was not basic enough. Than the Grundmann 38 thread appeared and following it, the demand for a split beetle grew and grew...

So M answered me and sent me some more pictures I asked for. He also mentioned a possible meeting in France, but now he would attend a New Year family dinner so if I had further questions, he could not serve them this evening...

62DoKaGuy Fri Feb 22, 2019 1:18 pm

pastellgreen wrote:

That has to be one of most appealing color combinations one could ever hope to look at with every mile (or kilometer) driven...well done - patience and persistence prevail!

pastellgreen Sat Feb 23, 2019 7:24 am

Also think so.

During the next days, the seller and I have been in permanent contact. From the way he answered my questions I felt I could trust him. Many Emails have been changed and I came to more pictures:

From all the pictures I got until know, it was clear ablout a split, that was not molested, but well kept. The body lines, door and hood gaps seem to match perfectly. Notice the picture in the last post above of the spare tyre compartment, showing the original paint tank and the wire harness with all clamps in good condition. Beside the mentioned respray and paint touching, wrong wheel colours, I had a good impression from that car. The following pictures showed me a good consistance of the body. Some improvised mountings points for a seat belt, used carpets, but an original upholstery without to many stains, and much original paint.

Complete and good looking engine with all details, except the coil and regulator. I was wondering about the T-aircleaner though

Also the fenders seemed to be original, the roof rail also seemed to be rustless.
During that time, we have discussed the style of payment and the possibility of handing the car over. It was february now and I had the cheapest possibility in mind, driving the car from St Malo in France to my home in Freiburg, Germany. After all prepayment was done and we found a date to meet, I asked a friend, also enthusiast in old technics in general, to travel with me via train to St Malo and he was exciting doing so. So we chose a weekend, I was prepared with a travelling kit with all tools that might have been necessairly if something happens. I also added the feeler gauge for valve adjustment and a stroboscope for timing.

A year ago, I found an unmolested VW deluxe sedan from 1961, sitting in a garage for over 40 years, 200 km away from my hometown. The tyres had been flat of course, but we cleaned the car, put in a new battery, changed oil, and started the engine. After we pumped up the tyres, I drove home 200 km with this car! As the carcase of the tyres had been destroyed due to the flat standing for 40 years, it was a rough rolling, but when increasing the speed, it was getting better. I drove alone home, 100 km/h on the autoroute without any further problems.

After that experiance I had absolutely trust in old VW driving long distances. VW beetle have always been my only cars. What should go wrong?

Dean Bradley Sat Feb 23, 2019 8:52 am

Very nice car Nico, there are a lot of very nice accessories on it too . I look forward to seeing more in this thread

TRS63 Fri Dec 20, 2019 2:18 am

What a nice car and a nice Story! 8)

Hope to see you one day on a german meeting :D


Split50 Sun Dec 29, 2019 1:48 pm

Hi Nico,

Very nice car, I know it well. The original importer and the first UK owner are both good friends of mine & I helped work on it many times over the years. Glad to hear its made its way back to Wolfsburg.


fugazi kid Sun Dec 29, 2019 6:00 pm

i owned this very car from 2005 and sold it in 2011 . i'm taken loads of photos of this car using cameras from from the 1940s 50s the car was taken off the road in 1968 and i put it back on the road in 2005 . i put the skies on the car and roof rack , i made the basket witch clips on to the tunnel and also the the swedish S on the back bumper

pastellgreen Mon Dec 30, 2019 3:39 am


I also got some pictures in black & white from a previous owner who contacted me here via pm. Maybe, it's you?

Will continue this story when I find some time, it really is very exciting!

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