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fishgo Wed Mar 20, 2019 9:21 am

As I'm considering some wiring upgrades to an '83 Westy AC, I'm looking for photos of your replacement camper fuse panel locations. The PO of my van has done significant wiring upgrades over his ownership, so my wiring will be to properly centralize fusing and clean up the many year's worth of wiring additions.

Currently, the van has the standard starter battery under the passanger's seat, and an Aux house battery under the rear bench. There is a permanent solar on the roof which charges both batteries and uses a relay to switch to charging both when the engine is running.

A Propex is installed under the bench with wiring and fuse directly from house battery.

All other camping equipment runs through the existing 2-fuse original on the B pillar behind the driver's seat. There used to be a house battery hookup under the driver's seat but was moved to the above-mentioned bench in back. There is a sub-woofer now located under the driver's seat so space is still at a premium. I will probably also re-wire for additional LED wiring in the headliner / kitchen areas and would like to run that wiring now (even if for future lighting install).

One additional item I'd like to add is a battery charger system (110V) for topping the batteries when plugged into shore power. I travel often with a kayak on the roof, which limits the ability to get full charging off the solar.

What I'd like to see is where you installed a replacement camper fuse panel location (not under the seat) in a location you find convenient for installing or extending wiring, for checking blown fuses, and for mounting location.

Paulbeard Wed Mar 20, 2019 8:08 pm

I mounted a fuse panel (8 fuses) on the cabinet behind the drivers seat, to tie into the existing aux wiring.

-Derek- Sat Mar 23, 2019 8:21 pm

I installed a small fuse panel (4 fuses) in the sink cabinet. Along with the stock camper wiring I use it to power a propex and two USB ports (propex was installed after this photo was taken, went on the 'lights' circuit).

You also mentioned a battery charger, so I included a photo of the combined ACR/charger (batterylink) that I purchased from blue sea systems that I have installed under the driver seat. It has temperature sensor to prevent battery damage and a dash mounted status light to indicated when the battery are combined and charging or not - really happy with it.


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