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rpureber Mon Aug 12, 2019 2:14 pm

This has been happening since I purchased the van about a year ago. I originally thought it might be due to a possible exhaust leak from a bad clamp. I have replaced the clamp (and cat. converter) and I do not seem to have an exhaust leak anymore. The pop, however, remains. I also noticed my garage floor/door gets a little oil spritz... possibly only on a cold start. I have not fully tested possible scenarios. The oil spray may have been happening the entire time I've had the van. I seem to remember noticing it at least 6 months ago. It's not very much.

I can recreate the pop by rev`ing up high (5.5/6k), then on the way down feathering the gas back in around 3k.

Video of popping here. I will say that the valves sound louder in the video than in real life.

Oil spray:


DirtyBlueVan Mon Aug 12, 2019 2:30 pm

does the "oil spray" show up when its hot after a decent drive? I have has a similar pattern in a different vehicle, but it wasn't oil it was actually water.

That could just be dirty water from condensation in the exhaust. OR if there is a problem it could be water from head-gaskets or other things. If the engine has reasonable mileage it is probably not oil.

Some things to check:

1. clean the spot up, only worry if it does it hot.
2. check the PCV system
3. then start to worry about head gaskets
4. if its a high mileage engine and it really is oil....keep the oil topped off

The pop sounds normal imo - my 2.5 subi syncro does it. If there is anything wrong with the fueling you most likely have an engine code (pops are usually fuel igniting in the hot exhuast)

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