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Yellow Rabbit Tue Jul 14, 2020 9:08 pm

Ron, Iíve been a happy customer of yours for 15 years or so and youíve always come through with great support and products for a couple vans Iíve owned. If these donít work out, Iíll be the first to admit my mistake and look at your offerings.

Busdepot Tue Jul 14, 2020 9:20 pm

Not a mistake if you're happy with it.

The Trucklites aren't crap, you could do a whole lot worse and spend a lot more money doing it.

Yellow Rabbit Tue Jul 14, 2020 9:35 pm

My main modes of transit are bicycle and a 1.9L vanagon, Iíve happily used LEDs on my bikes for years. Considering my van is not all that much faster, I really donít think Iíll put drive the light output. :lol:

?Waldo? Tue Jul 14, 2020 10:38 pm

IdahoDoug wrote: Until they repeal a law of physics, I'll keep halogen headlamps. The LEDs cause too much light blowback from rain, snow and dust in the air and every reflective sign is a dazzling blowback that makes my hand instinctively shield it. LEDs seem to put WAY too much light right in front of the vehicle and don't penetrate down the road, or the light down the road is overwhelmed by blowback, etc. A couple buddies have now installed the pricey Trucklites in their Wranglers. They "like them because everything is bright now". Super....

What is blowback? Are you talking about reflected light? What do you believe is special about LED headlights that causes the light they generate to be reflected off of nearby objects (dust, snow, rain, etc..) more than light that is generated by other means? Please cite any actual physics sources that might back up that claim.

Having run LEDs in two vehicles for the last couple years I have never experienced anything that even remotely resembles what you describe. I have no idea what you're talking about. It doesn't fit with anything I have ever heard or understand about the physics of light either.

Vashon Wed Jul 15, 2020 12:56 am

LED headlights are as good as what you pay for lithum batteries at $1000 a pop.
Not everyone is ready to make that jump . its expensive to make a leep into a proper quailty product regarding new tec. I went through halogen bulbs ,new connectors, relays etc. And in the end after yet another fit of I can't see at night ! bought what I thought were stupid expensive VisionX headlamps and equally stupid expensive south african grill kit etc. I couldn't stop there, right? So put 100 watt custom led bulbs in the 5" E rated high beams with selective yellow lens (for those who know what that is). Not finished yet, I put the halos on a seperate switch. The Halos alone make great low light for campgrounds etc. And being able to turn off the halos at will draws alot less attention -for those times you really don't want to standout like a friken lexus. Vision x headlights are super clear with a excellent cutoff so you don't blind on coming traffic use tons less power and won't burn up your wiring. I don't sell these or anythjng and am sure jbspeaker headlamps and other higher end lights are equaly as good. My point is after screwing around and spending 200 on junk- relays ,halgon bulbs,ceramic connectors, etc and got serous stupid and bought 1100 worth of leds,grills etc my nightime driving experence changed dramatically for the better. Its been a couple years since I went full tilt boogie on my headlight obsession so it easier to admit its cost now that its all payed for -and I smile every time I turn on my lights at night knowing I can see. It is also a plus knowing in the dark I am incognito headlight wise, just as bright as any modern vehicle and not singled out as an 87 vanagon by my headlights alone. If you get my drift. Anyhow I havent yet worked my way to multi hundred dollar lithum batteries.....just not ready to make that jump.

jlrftype7 Wed Jul 15, 2020 5:17 am

Iíve been running the Trucklites for months now. They work very well for me, and it was a simple plug and play install.

They canít match projector style larger LED headlights, but thatís from the small space we have to work with on our Vanagons, just little depth in the grill area. The cost is much lower than current modern vehicle LED headlights , which have added features like internal motors that turn the lighting to match the direction your vehicle is turning.

?Waldo? Wed Jul 15, 2020 7:30 am

I don't agree with the idea that LED headlights must be top dollar to be worthwhile. The ones I purchased were $90 for the set when I first purchased them. I got the second set for $78 delivered. I have seen that the same headlights can be found for less than that now. I imagine that the super-high-dollar LED headlights might be better quality, but the inexpensive ones that I got give markedly better light and visibility than the european e-code H4's with relays and high wattage bulbs so I don't see a reason to spend more.

Busdepot wrote: Yellow Rabbit wrote: If I need to replace one down the road, so what, I always replace headlight bulbs in pairs anyway.
Right. But a pair of replacement bulbs is only $15. A pair of new LED assemblies is over $200. Huge difference.

The cost difference over the lifetime of the bulbs is indeed huge, but not in the way you describe. The rated liefspan of halogen bulbs is 400-1,000 hours. The rated lifespan of LED headlights I purchased is 80,000 hours. The cost of replacing individual halogen bulbs over the course of the life of the LED bulbs will be 25 to 75 times the cost of the LEDs. That math is a bit silly, though, as I probably won't (I hope I don't) spend 80,000 hours driving over the rest of my life, much less driving at night in one vehicle. Wed Jul 15, 2020 9:53 am

I agree with ?Waldo? - I've been using a set of $60 LED headlights (7" round) for years and not a single problem. Most, if not all, LED headlights that are sold are made for cheap abroad. The new-ness and marketing is where the high price comes from.

tristessa Wed Jul 15, 2020 11:09 am

I've been running these TruckLite-clone/knockoff 7" LED lights in my semi-daily driver Mercedes since mid-2017, $90ish for the pair off of Fleabay if I remember right. Much brighter than the halogen sealed-beams they replaced, better overall light output and road illumination than the Bosch H4's in my wife's car, which is the same model in every way that matters for the headlight comparison just one year newer than mine. Sharp cutoff, never get flashed, and they have (probably fake) DOT, SAE and E-code(E9) markings.

They *almost* have me wanting to tear the bi-xenon HID projector retrofit headlights out of the hightop, and I actually bought them for testing with that in mind given that the plan -- until COVID came along and screwed things up -- was to ship the camper to Europe and play tourist for a few months this fall, and projector retrofits don't fly over there at all.

Cobra88 Wed Jul 15, 2020 11:39 am

I bought Landrover Defender Wipac Units.

Not cheap but far better than any of the few sets of Chinese Junk i bought first

had zero issues so far apart from Halo rings are not DRL brightness but im not a fan of DRL light anyway, just wanted proper beam pattern without lots of blind spots that all the PRC units i tried have in their beam

Yellow Rabbit Sat Jul 18, 2020 7:38 pm

Night and day difference from the old sealed beams!

4Gears4Tires Sun Jul 19, 2020 8:36 pm

If only there was a good LED replacement option for the square headlights.

Busdepot Mon Jul 20, 2020 6:24 pm

4Gears4Tires wrote: If only there was a good LED replacement option for the square headlights.
There are good E-code replacements for the square headlights. They will accept LED bulbs if you want to go that way.

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