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jacopotex Mon Jan 13, 2020 3:54 pm

Hi everybody :D

I don't know what happening to me in the last few months, but i have a strange idea in my mind, i have two single cab at home, one split '66 and a '75, and i need something to load on them, so i was thinking for a old harley, WL WLA WLC, don't know exaclty what.

It's only an idea for the moment,but i'm not sleeping in the night cause many flathead thoughts :D :D

So i saw on the web, that there are many models, many years, many things to know.
Before buy i want to learn a lot about these models, i think that an aircooled harley on an aircooled slammed split single cab sounds very cool.

I already bought some books, about harley flathead, but please can anyone, tell me a good forum like this, where i can learn how to fix an old harley and learn about models?

I'm looking for a specific old bike forum, i tryed on google but when you write harley foum buuuuuuum there are a lot of forums, but too generic.

And is there anyone that have the same idea or already have a flathead?

WM971252 Thu Jan 16, 2020 4:15 pm

for me I would not get a Harley unless.....

You get an Aermacchi one but again they are more dime a dozen over there.

We haul and specialize in bikes and set up at many bike shows. Instead of just showing up with my signs we bring "prop" bikes, things that will make people cross the row to see it. One of the best ones we had was a 74 Harley (Aermacchi) X90. It actually attracted "real" Harley people more than the normal people. (parts are available over there more than they are here).

Generally a Harley looks like a Harley 1950s, 1960s, 1970s they all have the same look. Yes earlier has a better look but get ready to pay. Also they cost a bunch more than other bikes. If you are running a slammed Single Cab a rat bike or bobber/ chopper will look better and cost less and attract more people.

Also do you plan to load and unload? A big low Harley is not the best bike to load that high up.

As far as forums there is many and most are one make only that I have found. We have the Antique Motorcycle Club of America over here with a decent forum page but nothing like The Samba.

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