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[email protected] Fri May 28, 2004 6:36 pm

hi i just purchased 2 gallons of L-11 pastel green acrylic enamel paint ,along with a half galloon of L-82 silver white for rims etc.along with reducer hardner and primer and sealer from it ran about 450$ is this going to be enough paint for my 57 ragtop inside and out...a guy told me i need 3 gallons since im a newbie and will probably have to shoot it twice.hopefully what i ordered will be enough.anyway i figured i would ask the pros.the 2 gallons will come unreduced.i have heard different stories on this paint some good some bad i was trying to be cheap since its my first time painting and i found out that even the lowest quality paint from ppg is expensive with all the other stuff u need.i will be doing this in my garage my friend said not to paint it till december cause it will be too hot this time of year..that kinda sux cause i was hoping to do it this summer...oh well guess i will have to wait.any good books i can purchase at a bookshop about the whole painting process?
guys appreciate the help im gonna need it

Bklyn63 Fri May 28, 2004 6:52 pm

you should have gone with Matrix paint..its a hundred times better than omni..and its cheaer too...I painted a number of high end cars with it and I dont have any complaints.

57dragbug Sat May 29, 2004 3:39 am

I have painted with the omni paints. I paint a full size ford f-250 with a gallon of paint, so you should have more than enough to paint a bug. As far as painting during the summer or winter, it doesn't matter. Do you think the body shops only paint in the winter. HAHA! You need to figure out about how hot it will be when and where you paint. Then you can get the right reducers for that temp. If you are going to paint in the summer you want to get a reducer that will allow the paint to dry slow. It should come out just fine.

Good Luck!

asnowsquall Sat May 29, 2004 4:58 am

Was trying to see what you got by going to the website and couldn't so, wondering what was included? Did you get reducers and hardners?
This may be handy to you
Realize that one of the bad things is that it chips pretty easy. I scrapped enamel paint of a 914 with a razor blade in long strips of paint. For cheap paint I would almost think about that $35 a gallon stuff on ebay, just to develope a little hand eye coordination associated with painting.

[email protected] Sat May 29, 2004 10:26 am

yeah i bought the whole paint system with hardner and reducers..not sure what one they are giving me as far as temperature..a guy told me not to paint in my garage during the summer.thats why i asked the question ..but u made a good point LOL.

keifernet Tue Jun 01, 2004 12:02 pm

2 gallons (unreduced) is overkill. 1 gallon mixes with the reducer and hardener to make 1 3/4- 2 sprayable gallons which if you use an HVLP gun is going to give you enough for several full wet coats.

At least you will have some more if you screw up! :lol: :wink:

Omni is not the best but it's not the worst of the less expensive lines out there. It is probably a good choice for a 1st time painter. And if you mix it right with the proper temp reducer and the urethane hardner it is a pretty durable system. I have used it a few times on budget paint jobs as it is alot cheaper than PPG Delstar.

Good luck and get a good respirator no matter what time of year you spray it :scatter: :crazyeyes: :scrambleup:

63 vwnotch Wed Jun 23, 2004 5:39 pm

get ready for a nightmare, be sure to read up and do a google search on flash times etc, and you want a good dryer/regulator and spray with 30psi. Call your supplier and get the right reducer for your climate. Flash time is very important other wise your paint may pop.
Remember wet coats, dont fog it lay it on heavy..

better yet just sell me your car..

rob- '61 rag, '63 notch

Big Jim Fri Jun 25, 2004 4:19 pm

Not a nightmare, I think, but do read up on all the Product Specification sheets before you start. You are dealing with some pretty complex chemestry here. Be especially concerned with protecting your lungs when using the 2 component stuff. PPG has a web site where you can download all the sheets and has a Tips section that answers many of the common problems. From a purely economic perspective, you don't want to mess it up because paint is expensive.
Oh, and on the drier/regulator, you'll want it near the gun, not near the compressor. They work much better that way.

buguy Fri Jul 09, 2004 6:45 pm

You should try to find someone who has done some painting to come and help out. We sell Omni and it its really, really thin. Most of the time it doesnt even need reduced to spray. Get ready for runs. Also this is a single stage paint, and spray at the recommended pressure for the gun. Also it really isnt as much of a consern with the heat as it is for the humidity, just use the right speed of reducer (if you need it). In a regular garage, try to paint in the morning, it seems to work best at that time of the day. I agree with using an HVLP gun, but most take 14-15 cfm at around 30 psi and you need a hell of a compressor to pull those kinds of numbers. SATA has a new RP ( reduced pressure ) that will run on 10.3 cfm and most compressors will do that. It also has 65% transfer rate just like the HVLP. These guns will put more paint on the car, and less into the air.

Big Jim Fri Jul 09, 2004 7:44 pm

I've only used Omni Acrylic once - on a repair on my Thing. It is pretty easy to spray and covers fast. Don't pause anywhere or you may have a run. Let it flash good before you spray another coat. I had a minor issue with getting the blending reducer a little heavy in one spot but, doing the whole car, you won't be needing that stuff. I would think 2 gallons should be plenty. I was originally thinking Delstar but the Omni is just a little bit less quality for 1/2 the price.

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