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Zeitgeist 13 Sun Jun 07, 2020 12:13 am

This is a weird left field thread, but I'm pretty sure it's BD related. I recently bought what I believe is a '53 Sunfish sailboat with a period appropriate trailer.

When I got the boat home, I started tearing into the hull and trailer. The shocks on the trailer looked familiar from a distance, but it wasn't until I pulled them and began looking for markings that I noticed the VW logo. The trailer (and shocks) is painted the same as the original color for the boat, so I think they're both original as purchased in '53.

Here's a post from Everett I came across on the Googles. All the information is the same as my shocks, except there's an ancient Sachs logo I've never seen before, and there's no build date.

EverettB wrote: I located an NOS set of Barndoor Fichtel & Sachs shocks recently.

They have slightly different open and closed dimensions, although the shocks above should work fine.

Compressed Length: 9 7/8"
Extended length: 14"

These measurements are end to end. I can't remember if the measurements above were end-to-end or eye-to-eye.

Stampings from the shocks:
Fichtel & Sachs
2817 00 228 001
VW 211 413 031

S = Sockel (Base in German) ?
Numbers = Diameter of the base (26mm) and the travel (100mm)
VW is a VW symbol in a circle.
8.59 is the production date.

They are grey.

Can someone definitively confirm that this information corresponds to BD era shocks? I'm asking because I want to narrow down the age of the boat, and because it's FN cool that the trailer has BD shocks.


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