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anthracitedub Wed Jul 22, 2020 10:48 am

Iíve been driving my 07 Nissan Titan with a noticeable clunk on the start/stop. It is not the U joints... itís in the diff. I have changed the oil twice and the second time with some thicker dino stuff just to cushion it up a little.

It has 182000 on the clock and I drive sensible, I know Iím on borrowed time and need to get a game plan together along with the other 50 billion things Iíve got cooking right now.

Both times Iíve changed the oil, the magnetic plug has grey paste on it and we all know what that is... no chunks, just a fine paste.

Today, I pulled the cover and choked the wheels to relieve the drive line and I can rock the diff back and forth, clearly seeing the backlash/slack in the pinion/ring mesh.

Iím likely gonna hunt down another axle from a yard rather than rebuilding... but it might be a while before I get around to it....

I was wondering if itís possible to shim the diff over to tighten up the backlash a little... this is something I could do it it could potentially work for a while.
I didnít see any real damage in the housing, just wear... I could see the shiny wear on the ring and on the spiders. According to my eyecrometer it looked like about 020Ē of play... not good.
Itís an open diff and Iím hoping to find a LS diff because one wheel drive in Michigan winters is no fun.

Iíve never really messed with a rear axle like this but I have messed with Transaxles and understand enough to muddle my way through.
Im looking for advice or if anyone has any tips.

Erik G Wed Jul 22, 2020 11:18 am

one or two piece driveshaft? My nissan has a carrier bearing between the two, had to replace that, had a clunk starting and stopping

anthracitedub Wed Jul 22, 2020 12:44 pm

Itís two piece... i did the carrier and trans shaft seal a while ago. I just finished taking another look at it and putting the cover back on... itís certainly slack in the pinion to ring fitment.... Iím just likely gonna have to drop the coin and pay someone to handle it... just donít have time to try to fix it myself and risk setbacks. I was hoping I could just shim the backlash a little and keep it on the road... it looks easy enough to do, but likely would have to take it all apart to do that anyway.

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