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Mynticelx Sat Aug 01, 2020 9:10 am

About two years ago I purchased a Crumco chassis and am now in a position that I can start truly building it. I caveat that I absolutely know nothing about building a vehicle from essentially scratch. I am fairly proficient in the garage and have most of the tools I need to complete a build (welder, plasma cutter, hoists, etc.). My question is this... Where do I start. It's my belief that I need to get it to become a roller first.. But are there any great threads, ytube videos, etc that I should lean in to follow.. Looking for part recommendations for things like hubs, shocks, etc? I bought the building a Baja book but recognize it might not be the most modern approach to building. Any suggestions would be awesome. Thanks all!

Dale M. Sat Aug 01, 2020 9:54 am

The Baja book by Jeff Hibbard is excellent.... It is not really not outdated as the processes we use basically has not changed in probably 30 years....

Yes make it a roller first... Get front end suspension and then trans-axle, and get it to a roller first....

First basic to know if is front suspension bracketed for King and Link or Ball Joint... Yes there is difference.... Is rear setup for Swing-axle or IRS....

Pictures will help us guide you as we understand pictures better than some times the written words...


dustymojave Mon Aug 03, 2020 4:24 pm

Good advice for most Baja Bugs. But a Crumco is a Bug of a different sort. There are NO mechanical parts in a Crumco that came from the VW factory, other than some that get VW Type 1 or Type 4 engine and some that have gotten a T2 trans. So all the normal suggestions will NOT help here. Crumco builds serious offroad full tube frame Baja Bugs, for many of them only the VW body shell is welded to the frame. Some do not even get the VW body shell, but get a fiberglass representation of the VW body. The beam is already welded into the frame and the front and rear shock mounts should be welded in place already as well. The rear trailing arms should be there too.

My old race partner Jeff Hibbard's book, while still excellent after nearly 40 years, will probably not help much with your car.

My son Warren has worked at Crumco for many years, including this past Saturday until 1AM. This picture below is my son driving a Crumco Baja in Class 5-Open in the 2012 Mint 400 race, while he was a Senior in High School and worked full time at Crumco building cars including the one he is driving.

He may well have built your car. So maybe I can be of some assistance.

He recently helped finish up (as far as Crumco's part of the car) Wayne Bosley's Honda V6 powered car and has been working on Wayne's pal Mano's new car. They are members of SoCal Bajas and you can find pictures and such on the Facebook page for SoCal.

Photos of what you have bought are important for me or anyone else to help you. You will need to know who the car was built for originally as that will help if I need to ask Rick Crumb what it was built for. Which shocks it was cycled for, and which hubs it was intended to get, and which engine and trans package it was built for as well. All of those are important questions for you to know the answers to so we can help you get the car put together with a minimum of fuss and problems.

Also important for you to know, is how you plan to use the car.
- Will it be for offroad desert racing?
- Will it be for racing the Baja 1000?
- Will it be for sand dunes?
- Will it be for forest trails?
- Will it be for car shows?
- Will it be for ..... ?????????
Lots of potential ways to use it and how best to build it will depend a great deal on how you intend to use it.

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