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Qldelsie Tue Sep 29, 2020 5:37 pm

My 1970 Fastback has an mph speedo, with just a total odometer - ie no separate trip meter detail.
I have found a Speedo on eBay here in Aus which has a trip meter included. It is apparenty out of a 1971 Fastback. Photo below.
Does anyone know if they might be a direct swap ? Or is the gearing or something else different ?
The part number on the trip meter unit is 311 957 033A, which I believe is the same part number as on the non trip meter unit - Which implies to me that they would be a direct swap......... ???

BSQUARE Tue Sep 29, 2020 7:34 pm

They're a direct swap.

gt1953 Wed Sep 30, 2020 8:17 pm

Being you are as some of us say from down under you may have to convert it to KPH of some fashion. The gearing for the trip meter portion may be different then mph.

Qldelsie Wed Sep 30, 2020 8:37 pm

Not an issue - Australia didn't convert to kms/hr until 1974, so my original speedo is also in mph, and I intend to leave the replacement unit in mph. I have two existing solutions - I have a kmh decal that just goes over the face of the plastic dial cover so you can check roughly what your speed is in kmh - In fact my original speedo actually has an official VW kmh decal on there - Obviously VW had to supply these to their existing customers so they were legal when the laws changed.
I also have a small digital gps speedo mounted separately, and I use this as well at the moment, mainly for checking the 50 year old speedo for accuracy. We have so many speed cameras here now, with only 1-2 kmh leniency, so it is good to know accurately what speedo you are doing. Converting is not hard - divide by 5 and mutiply by 8.
What I do want from the trip meter is a simple "miles on fuel tank" reference. I never rely on gauges in any of my cars - I know the miles or kms I can do on a tank, zero the trip meter every time I fill, and can then instantly see how many miles I have done.
When you go bush and gas stations are further apart, it is good to know roughly how many miles are left in the tank ! With my Landcruiser I have two tanks, and I know I can do 600 kms minimum on a tank. So I just change tanks at 600 kms, knowing I stil have a little in the tank if I get desperate !
One day, when I am in Europe, I will pick up a kmh unit with a trip meter for Clementine, then I will be properly sorted.

Qldelsie Tue Oct 20, 2020 7:34 pm

So.........Bought it, received it, and took it into local instrument guru who took it apart, cleaned it up internally (was apparently pretty gummed up and stiff inside) and gave me a small knob that fitted the trip meter reset shaft (original was missing when I received the speedo). I then took the rim apart, de-rusted the silver surround and repainted it, polished up the chrome ring, and cleaned up the perspex, removing the PO's painted-on gear change points (presumably). And fitted a KMH decal so I have a decent quick reference. (Eyesight is faster than brain calculation !!) Comparative photo below - Quite a difference.
I have also fitted one of the little LED instrument lights to this new unit, so will see if it is any brighter (like the tacho) when I fit the speedo. Have to remove the seat again in order to get my old body in the upside "position" for fitting, so not going to happen for a few days yet ! Will report back on the new lighting once done.
Coincidentally, my existing speedo shows 39,859 miles, and the new one is 39,081 miles, so hardly any discrepancy !!
EDIT - I just noticed the speedo shows 2 more miles now than it did when it went to be cleaned ! He must have done a couple of miles on it round his workshop !!

knewknew Tue Oct 20, 2020 7:52 pm

Nice work! I have never seen one of those conversion stickers before.

Qldelsie Wed Oct 21, 2020 4:31 am

knewknew wrote: Nice work! I have never seen one of those conversion stickers before.

I got mine here
But I am in Oz. Not sure where you are, but I have seen these available ex USA as well.

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