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flomulgator Mon Oct 26, 2020 1:41 pm

Send in the benchwarmers!

I've got two options for spares, I'd like to ask the Collective which one it thinks is superior. First, the setup:

Syncro with a central decoupler for the AWD (so I can run different diameters), running separate summer and winter tires with minimal wear.
Winter: 195/75/16 Nokian hakkapellita CR3 - 27.5" diameter
Summer: 215/70/16 BFG A/T KO2 - 27.9" diameter

The contendahs:
1. 2014 215/65/16 Nokian WRC (All Weather) with 16,000 miles - 27.0" diameter
2. 2007 215/70/16 BFG A/T KO with 0 miles - 27.9" diameter

Fitment is an oversized, OEM position front tire carrier that will hold either. The Nokian fits comfortably, the BFG needs to be deflated a bit and has the steering shaft protected by a Burley....steering shaft protector. I have an air compressor, but as you can see although it fits it's more work to travel with. On the flip side its a better diameter match.

The Nokian still has good tread (> 6mm) but light UV cracking on the shoulders.
The BFG is old but has never rolled and was never exposed to UV, ever.

Which one would you run?

Sodo Mon Oct 26, 2020 1:47 pm

Seems like the safest bet to carry the spare that matches the other four.
In general.
Especially for any longer trip.

You can deal with a little overlap (non-matching spare) for around town.

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