View original topic: What are these Targas worth?
dillon schuh Sat Nov 28, 2020 2:57 pm

Is this targa worth saving? And if so what do you think its worth? He says only surface rust.

Glenn Sat Nov 28, 2020 4:50 pm

Can't tell from the bad pictures.

dillon schuh Sat Nov 28, 2020 4:56 pm

Only pictures I have at the moment. I need to see it in person.

Glenn Sat Nov 28, 2020 4:59 pm

A 911S is always worth something.

Does it have the original drivetrain and brake system?

dillon schuh Sat Nov 28, 2020 5:59 pm

From the seller. And he wants 8k for it

I donít itís a 911 long nose targa is all I know. No drivetrain

gunbab Sun Nov 29, 2020 3:31 am

is there a interior, original wheels? What about the front suspensions and floors?
Lots of info needed before you get a idea of a asking price

Starbucket Sun Nov 29, 2020 3:53 pm

How deep are your pockets have you priced a motor lately or parts. Jack the car up with its jack and if it groans, sages, or rust starts falling RUN from that car as the rust is deep and extensive. I think he priced it for the parts that are usable but I can only see a few pic.s. Any Targa specific parts will be a challenge to find.

unclebilly Sat Feb 20, 2021 5:40 am

If that is an early 911s, check the vin, it is worth $8000 all day long.

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