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Ggerg1186 Tue Dec 29, 2020 11:54 am

I need advice on brake / clutch pedal assemblies for my 914 sandrail.

Here is what I have in the shop:
Stock 1973 Porsche 914 rear calipers
Stock 1973 Porsche 914 master cylinder (no pedal assembly)
Bore diameter is 19mm
Also has a brake light switch integrated

EMPI front disc brake conversion kit

NEAL single lever cutting brake

I definitely want front / rear brake redundancy, if the front lose pressure I want the rear to work or vice versa. I also want hydraulic clutch.

I have two options:
Buy a mechanical pedal assembly for the Porsche master cylinder.
Pros: includes brake light switch, cost (already own it)
Cons: need to find a floor mount mechanical pedal assembly that works (any ideas?)
I would still need to purchase a throttle pedal, clutch pedal with master and slave cylinder.

Ditch the Porsche master cylinder and go after market, such as Wilwood (what alternatives would you suggest?)
WILWOOD 340-12410 pedal assembly - $241
WILWOOD 260-13619 19mm master cylinder (X3) $220
WILWOOD 260-1333 22mm slave cylinder $73
Total: $534
Prices from
With the Wilwood system I would likely use a spring loaded mechanical light switch attached to the pedal, as opposed to the pressure sensor.

Talk to me about my options! Thanks in advance.

I would appreciate your input.

dustymojave Thu Dec 31, 2020 6:24 pm

There are Tees for sandrails to mount a pressure switch for the brake lights.

Is the 914 master still in good shape inside? Are the seals good?

EfiniMotorsport Fri Jan 01, 2021 8:47 pm

I used this triple pedal assembly on my build. It can be plumbed or separate front and rear brakes and clutch and has a throttle pedal. I welded it to a 1/4" plate that lots into rails one the floor so I have a few inches of adjustment since my seats are fixed.

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