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thesatelliteguy Mon Jan 18, 2021 3:56 pm

I bought this used beam from a Craigslist score. It actually belonged to KraZy Baja, a guy that use to be pretty frequent on here. He had that Krazy Baja with a Ford ranger front suspension, like one million x one million rear trailing arms and a Toyota 22re. Iíve tried contacting him but to no avail. I need help with a few things with this new beam.
Iím in the process of building a roll cage. Ive finished with the portion inside the cab, for now, and need to start thinking about extending the cage forwards to meet the beam. But before I do that, I need to know the general location of where itís going to end up. And to know that, I need to know the specs on this thing. So hopefully thatís where yíall come in.

How much wider do you think this beam is? Wheel face to wheel face is around 65.5Ē
How much wider and longer do you think these trailing arms are?
Is that a 3Ē lift king pin?
Iíve been planning on cutting off the frame head to extend the beam 6Ē forwards. Does that seem ok for this beam?
At what elevation, in relation to the cab, do I mount this beam? Iím kind of thinking that because it has a 3Ē lift king pin (or at least I think thatís whatís going on with that king pin), that I should mount it a little higher in relation to the body, to bring the body height down. I donít want that Carolina lean those lame asses have on their pretty mall crawler trucks with giant 26Ē wheels and chromed suspension that never see dirt and look like they have a load in the bed but are really just a bunch of blown out ass holes with the personality of a used condom.
Lol. Any way. Hereís the pics with measurements.

dustymojave Mon Jan 18, 2021 5:19 pm

Those are +4 arms.

Yes the combo spindles are 3" lift.

The beam width really doesn't matter whether its a +5, or a +6 or a +8, or even a +12. That wont change how you build the car. Note that in the 2nd to last picture [img]
[/img] when he cut the beam off the frame, he left gusset tubes out to the end of the beam. That's important. I've seen WAY too many beams bent because they're not supported out to the end. But the supports need to not get in the way of the tie rods.

You should probably extend the beam mounts off the cage about 4" forward of where it would be if attached direct to the pan head. Mount it so the beam is not vertical with one tube straight above the other. It should lean back about 6į for proper caster at the wheels.

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