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wingman Sun Mar 07, 2021 5:14 pm


I am trying to locate the reverse light wiring in engine bay in order to hook up the backup camera. I wonder whether it is the one with bluish/grayish color and black strip in the pictures below:

Taken from the driver side tail light housing hole:

Taken from engine deck hole:

I hope it is then I can just tap my backup camera wire to it but my luck is usually not that good :?


wingman Sun Mar 07, 2021 10:12 pm

Since the wire is bundled with another BR wire, I think it is most likely GY/BK (instead of BL/BK) for either tail lights or side markers. Guess I'll either tap the tranny switch wires or check the connections in the black box.


uberaudi Sun Mar 07, 2021 11:19 pm

According to the Bentley, the Black/Blue wires are for the backup lights. I assume this is for your '86?

Steve M. Mon Mar 08, 2021 7:28 am

Take out a tail light and follow the socket back to the wire harness connection to find the wire. I know it's not the answer your want, but it's how to find it.

When you connect the wire for the camera make the connection inside the "wire distribution box" in the front left of the engine bay even if you have to add an extension the the camera wire.
The reason being is that you do not have to cut into the wire harness sheath and the connection is protected from the elements inside the box.

Somebody had some good pic's showing the connections, but I forget who. Think it might have been in the modification to the Fuel Relay/ Power Steering wire mod thread, but can't find it using my cell phone. The round connectors should be in the Bentley.

MarkWard Mon Mar 08, 2021 8:08 am

From memory it's labeled T7 connector.

Steve M. Mon Mar 08, 2021 8:52 am

MarkWard wrote: From memory it's labeled T7 connector.

Yeah it's T7 & T7a. After coffee I start remembering things!

In the Bentley page 97.214, 1990 yr. it is a BLK/blu wire going to T7/#4.

In the Bentley, page 97.97, 1986 yr. it is BLK/blu again, but going to T1/b

wingman Mon Mar 08, 2021 3:17 pm

Looks like black box is the way to go. I'll open it up and find the wire accordingly. And yes, it's for my 86 weekender.

Thanks all!

4Gears4Tires Mon Mar 08, 2021 4:10 pm

2nd from the left with the white wire going into it is the reverse light on my 87 Syncro.

wingman Sat Mar 13, 2021 11:08 pm

Some updates at last. I am able to tap the backup camera signal wire to the reverse light wire in black box and power the camera from coil terminal 15. This way I can switch to camera view manually when needed or automatically when backing up.

Thanks all!

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