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Omi-Wan Sun Apr 11, 2021 8:59 am


Having now firmly established that L82 would have been the correct wheel hub color for my November 55 Strato Silver bug, I have a new problem in that no one seems to have it on the island that I live.

Does anyone know of a modern similar color preferably with code or alternative paint code from a particular manufacturer?

Many thanks!

finster Sun Apr 11, 2021 12:16 pm

is there a paint shop that could mix it? could it be ordered from somewhere and posted to you without costing too much?
I have seen that krylon spray paint - dover white or ivory suggested as a match for L82...

Omi-Wan Sun Apr 11, 2021 4:23 pm

Thanks. I canīt get Krylon paint here. Getting it posted accross the Atlantic might be tricky but it is an idea!

sgmalt46 Mon Apr 12, 2021 5:02 pm

contact( temple paints.) they have all colors in spray can . don't know if they can ship to you? they advertise on here. .

edit. no international shipping . :cry:

Omi-Wan Tue Apr 13, 2021 12:58 pm


Thanks anyway Steve!

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