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VWinny Sun Jul 04, 2021 8:33 pm

95 model~~

Initially cleaned the gas tank out with a rag and pvc pipe scrubbing the insides; and after i put some fresh fuel in the tank and new fuel pump and filter the added gas started to leech something from the inside of the tank. something out of the plastic.

Dark urine colored container came out of the tank after the initial cleaning and on the right is a container of fresh fuel for comparison. these tanks have to be cleaned very well.

I have now dropped the tank which was a fairly easy process and an hour or so later I rinsed with light degreaser. Soaked in dish soap for a few hours, and rinsed several times more. Im going to dump some fuel system cleaner in there in the morning and let it sit a while tomorrow while I got it out. Anyone had any luck with a solvent/ cleaner?

I believe this gas tank has been my ignition problem. No telling how long the gas has been in there.. I will be getting it as clean as I can, installing new fuel lines and then flushing the entire system.

VWinny Mon Jul 05, 2021 7:27 am

Initial research:

- Sodium Hydroxide/ Lye

- Gas System Treatments like sea foam etc

- also have read vinegar and baking soda

- Pine sol??

VWinny Mon Jul 05, 2021 11:00 am

Let soak in dawn for a few hours and rinsed.

cleaned and dried with clean rag.

sprayed with foam oven cleaner. sit for 5 mins. you can see the brown deposits being lifted by the oven cleaner

rinsed broken up residue and wiped squeaky clean with cloth.

this method works great in these vw gas tank where there are areas way out of reach, Oven cleaner breaks up compounds in residue and easily rinses away.

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