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Bucky Fri Sep 10, 2021 6:10 am


For 2021 the Central Jersey Volkswagen Society made the decision to limit the attendance for the entire weekend for pre-sale ticket holders only. This means that unless you are one of the 400 people that already purchased a ticket when we announced the sale you will not be able to attend this yearís event as a camper, vendor, show car, or spectator. Anyone that shows up at the venue without a pre-paid ticket will be turned away - no exceptions.

Some of the common questions the organizers have been asked in light of this change for 2021 and our feedback:

Why are we announcing this on thesamba if we are sold out? After fifteen years of having the AACG on the third Sunday of September and knowing that a lot of VW enthusiasts arenít on Facebook or aware of the change to the event, we felt it was necessary to spread the word to try and prevent anyone from showing up at the venue as they have in the past expecting to be able to buy a ticket at the gate.

What caused the event to change to pre-sale only? There were a number of factors that played into our club membership deciding to make this change. Most significant among them were concerns over potential mandates due to COVID-19 and the financial commitment required to put on the event with 2000+ spectators, recent and ongoing issues with individual spectators (including refusal to wear wristbands, theft, and lack of general respect for the Swim Club grounds as their guests), outgrowing the maximum capacity of our spectator and vendor parking areas, and our club membership wanting to take a break from the extensive amount of preparations and days of work needed to organize the event.

Were pre-sale tickets advertised and why didnít I hear about them? In July we chose to give our club members an opportunity to buy tickets first, of which around 300 sold out immediately, and then about a week later announced on our Facebook page that the remaining tickets would be available to the public on a first come first served basis, which sold out shortly thereafter. Due to the tickets selling so quickly there was no opportunity to advertise in additional locations.

Why would you take a successful event and limit it to less people, vendors, and show cars? This has been a question asked repeatedly, sometimes angrily, by many of you that have been loyal attendees of our event for all these years. We knew when we decided to scale back the overall size it would be met with criticism, but given the current unpredictable climate with COVID and our own desire to make the event more manageable this was the end result. We understand that the swap meet will be smaller and there will be less customers, activities over the weekend will be reduced, and fewer show cars will be attending. It is up to those the chose to buy a ticket and still attend if that mattered to them. The AACG has never been a for-profit event, but rather is run by volunteers that donate 100% of the proceeds to charity, so this was not a financial decision but more a practical matter for us. We also understand that there will be unhappiness among those who still want to attend that werenít able to get a ticket. Unfortunately this is a situation where we simply canít make everyone happy and we elected to do what the majority of our club membership felt was a safe compromise to still hold an event and have an enjoyable weekend.

We canít express the appreciation we have for all the support the AACG has had from all of you for all these years and we hope that you will bear with us through these changes while we recalibrate for the future. We will do our best to answer any questions you may have on this forum, on our Facebook page, or via email (I can be reached at [email protected]).

Thank you again!


6T5 square Sun Sep 12, 2021 6:37 am

Well said, Bucky. Make sure you take plenty of pictures for us. See you next year!

LAGrunthaner Sun Sep 12, 2021 10:01 am

Wow, sorry I missed the pre-ticket sale. When and where was that posted so I'm onboard in 22? Also where is the new website for the club as I keep getting a pharmacy link when I use the old one.

LAGrunthaner Sun Sep 12, 2021 10:05 am

Got it, The one in Google search gives a pharmacy.
Have fun. :bus_orange:

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