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BulliBill Fri Nov 26, 2021 8:27 am

Pete really, really, REALLY wanted a very inexpensive item that I sell for Split-Bus owners in my classified ads during one of the recent surges in the pandemic. I thought this would be easy enough as it has been in the past, but the Australia postal service for some (pandemic issues?) reason eliminated the usual cheapest methods of postage for this small 8 ounce package to AU. But Pete really wanted the item for his restoration and he was willing to pay whatever was needed to get the dash speaker screen material that I sell. It was killing me to have to charge what the USPS wanted ($69) to mail a box with three screens ( 3 for $8 ). But with a bit of extra research and recalling an old discount offer that I might still have available to me, I was able to save him another $27 off and ship the screens to Pete which are with FedEx now and currently on the way to the land down under.

Pete was super pleasant to work with, quick with payment and very gracious! I can't wait to hear that he has the screens that he wanted and can add them to his projects. Thanks Pete, and I owe you some beers when we finally bump into each other!

Bill Bowman

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