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Rufus_Euro Thu Dec 23, 2021 11:01 am

Next month, my girlfriend and I are taking my pop-top 93' Eurovan with 246,000 miles, affectionately named Rufus, from Minnesota to Florida for a 2 week vacation in the Keys. He's got the 2.5L 5cyl with a manual transmission.

This van is rusty, but it runs great. I've been keeping up with routine maintenance myself unless I don't have the tools. I've had it professionally inspected and I performed a multitude of preventative maintenance before the trip. I believe he's ready. Here is what I've done:

-New Starter
-New Serpentine belt, tensioner, and pulley.
- Valve cover gasket replacement, seal leak in cover.
-rebuilt rear brake drums
- replaced all brake lines and proportioning valve
-New ignition

The output shaft flange seals slightly leak, leading me to top it off every year. (I put on about 3k a year on it.) Since it's cold out now, I'm out of time to repair it. I'm thinking I can keep the transmission topped off throughout the trip and it will be fine.

We'll be packing a complete toolbox of a repair kit and keeping a list of vw shops along the way. Wish us luck! I hope I'm not putting too much faith in this thing. :lol:

GarryA Mon Jan 31, 2022 10:10 am

Since you show a Mt bike on the back of your Euro hope you took it with you and can swing by Alafia State Park and Balm Boyette.
They would be worth your visit. And probably a big difference from the Minn trails.
Hope it is not too late in your trip to be able to check them out.

richparker Sat Mar 19, 2022 5:49 pm

2 week trips in a bus (eurovan) are epic! Iíve done a couple in a air cooled buses. Last one was last November, we did 2 weeks from Durango Colorado to souther California then hwy 1 to Monterey and back to Durango. Epic I tell ya. My advice is to stay positive and just enjoy the ride, donít get too Focused on the small stuff. Make sure you have AAA and a credit card with plenty available, just in case.

Hereís a link to my trips, if youíre interested. 2014 trip and the 2021 trip starts on page 8, 2 different buses.;start=0

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