View original topic: Front Chassis Crumple Guard
Longshotgene Mon Dec 05, 2022 12:45 pm

I bought a 72 super beetle and recently took the shell off the chassis. I noticed after looking at a JBUGs video, I do not have a crumple guard mounted to the front head. Do I need this? I feel like I should considering the holes are there for it. Where can I buy one? Any ideas?

Buggeee Mon Dec 05, 2022 2:59 pm

I do not believe they are reproduced.

I believe they are called a "deformation element"

Mine came with one, so I may get around to putting it back on some day, or not.

If I didn't have it I would not bother myself. I don't actually know that I'll bother myself anyway and I have it.

They are supposedly to absorb some level of energy in a front impact but looking at it I can't imagine it doing anything at all.

I feel like I'm basically driving a motorcycle in this thing anyway.

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