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2Dokas Mon May 15, 2023 4:59 pm

I tried searching but didn't find any threads.

Anyone ever tried replacing the rivet/pin that rusts up and causes frames to become tight and eventually broken?

The frame is fixable but if the pin is tight it will eventually break again.

2Dokas Wed Jul 05, 2023 12:58 pm

Well, I decided to have a go at this with a set from a 59 that I have on hand. I am really just practicing for the rivets on the convertible top.

I drilled out the rivet with a 3/16" bit, punched it out after hitting in the end of the remaining rivet.

As you can see the frame was broken because the hinge area was rusted. I would guess this is very common. Both of mine were broken as well.

I cleaned up all the surfaces and tapped in a short piece of 3/16" rod and welded it to the mounting bracket. It has to have some free play in it of it will bind the hinge.

I then had a neighbor's son TIG weld the frame using a silica bronze electrode. I will file it down a bit.

The other thing you need to keep in mind is there needs to be a gap between the support piece that runs between the two halves of the sides of the frames, or they will bind.

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