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lumber-baron Fri May 19, 2023 10:21 am

Bought some of Markís Silver Weld Thru metal last fall, I picked up the parts from his supplier - Golden Star in Dallas TX. Most of us donít put these projects together in a weekend, and thought I did look everything over, I didnít check the fitment of everything right away. This spring I encountered some serious issues with the manufacturing quality of some of the parts to the point that I had to disassemble (drill out all the welds) and rework the entire stampings.
When I contacted Mark about these issues, he pretty much told me to pound sand.
I know that reproduction parts arenít all plug-n-play and expect to have to make some adjustments, but this was significantly above and beyond that
I would have expected that someone trying to build up a business would have been a bit more accommodating.
Bottom line - I would not recommend doing business with Mark.

esde Sun May 21, 2023 12:35 am

Can you detail some of the parts used and problems you encountered please?

lumber-baron Sun May 21, 2023 3:23 am

I posted this about the doglegs in the aftermarket metal forum:
I also purchased a roof section which is made up of 2 pieces that are lap welded behind the sunroof opening (a minor detail that was not mentioned in his ad). The 2 pieces werenít properly aligned when they were spot welded at the factory leaving one side longer than the other. Markís response was go to harbor freight and buy a spot weld drill.

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