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Unofficial Baywindow Cop Story Thread
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PostPosted: Wed Jan 16, 2013 3:43 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Does Border Patrol count?

Back in 1991, I owned a '71 walkthrough. with that bus, I sold toys at the swap meet during Christmas. All the leftover toys, I would donate to an orphanage in Ensenada, Mexico. On our return trip, after we deivered they toys and a night of partying, we crossed the border at Otay Mesa into San Ysidro and we were sent to secondary inspecton because we were on a bus and looked like crap. The Border Agent could not believe we were not bringing anything back from Mexico and forced the poor K-9 into the hot engine compartment (remember it takes two hours to cross). He must have radioed San Clemente, because the same thing happened there. After they cleared us and let us go. Good Times!
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PostPosted: Fri Jan 18, 2013 10:30 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I grew up in Cayce South Carolina, a suburb of Columbia. Our cops were famous all thru the Greater Metro area for being unpleasant and underquilified. A few favorites are...
At a stop light on 13th st. which is a three way intersection. Cop pulled up behing me and hit the lights. I put on my signal and pulled into a small used car lot. He wanted to know why I did not have my signal on untill he put the light on. Well sir, I was going stright. He said he didn't like my attitude and searched the bus. It was a tuesday night. I know it was beacuse I was dressed in my full class A Boy Scout uniform.
Once for non-operational front marker lights. The're reflectors.
One 'can I help you' while I was waist deep in the engine compartment fixing a busted throttle cable. I fixed it. When I climbed out he was looking under the drivers seat. I knew all the other doors were locked. I waited for him to walk to the other side, locked the drivers door as well and asked him to call the captain on duty.
Pulled once for a non working tag lamp. He asked if he could have look inside. I consented that time but took the drivers seat with me to make his life a little easier and have a comfy place to sit while he tossed my car.
It has been searched so many times I now keep an open letter under the drivers saet that begins,
'Dear law breaking pig, you are conducting a non-consentual and Ilegal search of my vehicle'...and ends with 'Internal affairs will be notified soon.'
And the one time I was up to no good....they let me go.....
Once, when you were in love, you bought one ring. I have bought my bus three SETS!
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PostPosted: Fri Jan 25, 2013 8:54 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Well, as I have been driving my 69 regularly since 85 there have been many stops. Some have been respectfully handled, others have been unwarranted harassment and false arrest. I just got pulled over with "ma" coming back from groceries early in the evening. I passed a state trooper parked along side the state highway and he quickly jumped on my ass and hit the lights. I pull over and he shines the LED flash light right in my eyes...looking for ??? a pie-eyed driver? He realizes I am older and just wants paperwork. His "cause", tail light out..I check it when I get home, it was working. Amendment 64 has taken the steam out of their usual M.O. of revenue collection and ruining working peoples' lives based on profiling. Bound to cover just a little more ground....
Drivin' a split and a fat chick!!
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PostPosted: Sat Jan 26, 2013 8:13 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

friend of mine had a 69,it was not operational.So Kev Pete and I tow this beast from north beach to ocean beach(not too damn close)
Parked it, obtained some alcohol for our resident old guy(pete).
Then the man shows up on his cool little dirt bike....
I'm 18 kev is 17 and yes the girls were 17.Pete got accused of statutory Rolling Eyes
Kev and I were arrested and never charged,the officers driving us to the station were puzzled why we had a baggie of "chalk"and kindly kept it out the conversations at the station Shocked
I guess drinking near cars is illegal(or was)
Pete's charges were dropped.
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PostPosted: Fri Feb 22, 2013 9:46 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I grew up in a small N. Texas town. After graduating in 1970, I was given a brand spanking, new 1970 bay (9 passenger). I picked it up at the local dealershio with a whopping 7 miles on the clock!

Well, I immediately had a female friend make curtains, took out the middle seat and had a local place install a new Motorola 8 track with 4 speakers! I was rolling!

On a trip to a specialty "smoking" establishment in a nearby large city, I purchased a small peace sign for the back window. This particular decal had the stars and stripes inlaid in the open spaces of the peace sign. Living large at that point!

In our small town there was several pretty cool, older cops who weren't really out to give anyone a hard time. But we had that one young, hard-nosed, no quarter given, pr*ck who lived to give young people a hard time.

One day, he pulled me over around mid-afternoon and proceeded to inform me that my peace sign qualified as desecration of the American flag. Although I felt ready to debate this, I also know there was some green leafy substance in the bus and I didn't want him nosing around in it.

So, after he said he was going to stand there until I scraped it off, what was poor fellow to do? I was 18 and didn't want a hassle so I took my pocketknife out and in about 5 minutes had it removed to his satisfaction.

Man, I wish I still had that bus, It was quite the "concertwagon" as up to eight could ride to the nearby large cities and the riders basically paid for my gas and sometimes even a free ticket!

Fast forward to 2013...

About three weeks ago I got my second bus. A '78 bay walkthough. I'm 60 now and on my maiden voyage through the same little town I grew up in, I got my first peace sign shot at me. I felt 18 again!
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PostPosted: Thu Feb 28, 2013 8:35 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

About 4 years ago, a bunch of friends and I headed down to Ocean Shores, WA our senior year of high school. Down at Ocean Shores, you can drive on the beach. The beach, however, is classified as a highway, so all the regular rules of the road apply (read: seatbelts). So we were driving along the beach, and my friends were standing up through the pop top, which didn't have any canvas...it hacked pop top. Sunny day, wind in faces, it was great.

Anyway, sure enough, I got pulled over. Shit.

"Son, are you aware that this is a Washington State highway?"
"Oh, sorry officer, I didn't know that"
"License, registration, and proof of insurance please..."
So I give him all my papers, and it turns out my insurance card had expired two weeks prior (still had insurance though). So things aren't looking good.

"Son, do you know that this is a $500 ticket, plus tickets for each passenger not wearing a seat belt?"
I gulped. So he walks back to his car and stays back there for what feels like an eternity. Then he slowly starts walking back up to my window.

"What year is this Volkswagen from?" he says, to which I reply that it's a 1969. Then he says "Well, I used to have a '72. You have a nice day, and wear your seatbelts." and then he hands me back my papers. I was speechless.

And here's the proof...
Image may have been reduced in size. Click image to view fullscreen.

74 Bay + 93 Corrado SLC + 2015 TDI Wagon

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PostPosted: Tue Sep 16, 2014 11:39 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

i got pulled over recently on my way to a Bus Gathering....

i was trying to ditch a guy i knew who i didnt like, and in the process was speeding in between traffic and going maybe 10 over. i pull up to the next light and look over on the side of the road, and this cop is looking right at me. i point at myself and he nodded....oops. so i pulled over and he pulls in behind me after the light changed. he asked me where i was headed, and why i was speeding (after checking the usual) and i told him i was on my way to Dicks Burgers up the road to meet up with a bunch of other busses....

he said "i bet you didnt think you could go that fast huh? to which i replied not really (i totally have tested top speed before obviously...Rolling Eyes)

then he said: enjoy your gathering and have a milkshake for me" and then left. i was laughing the whole way there Laughing
Stuart The Restorer

Currently traveling in--> Maisy, on the road to....

1978 Westy~Maisy
1980 Westy~Corkey

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Greezy Joe
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PostPosted: Thu Sep 25, 2014 8:26 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

OK Here's mine, back about 73 or 74 I was traveling in my 70 Camper with my girl friend and a Big Tom Cat from Colorado to Alabama. Somewhere in the Boot Heel of Missouri about 2 in the morning I was at a 5 way intersection and trying to figure out which road to take when a town cop pulls up, gets out and tells me to follow him to the cop shop. Puts the Girl Friend in the cop car and away we went, me with a bag of reefer in my lap Confused, which I was able to throw out on the way. He puts us in a cell where we got scabies, tells us there have been HIPPIES stealing stuff around the town and took a K-9 out to the bus to check it for drugs. Well we heard the sliding door open, that's about the time the Big Tom Cat jumped on the K-9's face and sent it down the road yelping for 2-3 blocks. Well he found 200 bucks we had stashed, came back in and let us go. I still don't like going thru Missouri to this day.
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PostPosted: Fri Jan 02, 2015 10:43 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

About 6 years ago I was on my back from Buses By The Bridge driving up 395 about 80 miles north of Vegas driving Roadcow and I had the pedal mashed to the floor. I came over this little hill and saw a Hiway Patrol car heading towards me. I looked down, he looked over, then he just smiled and shook his head. My GPS showed 87 mph and he gave me the thumbs up as we passed. I did slow down, as to not tempt fate.
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PostPosted: Sun Jan 11, 2015 10:03 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Approx 15 years ago, I was returning home from Kaiser Permanente where I had picked up a prescription. It was late, about midnite, felt like crud, and did not realize a local city B/W behind me. About 100' before my residence, I dimed my headlites as I parked in front. As I was getting out of my '71 Bay I now saw the unit behind me with all the 100 watt lites on me and both car doors open. I was ordered to the front hood of their car and was asked to produce ID. I complied and was told they pulled me over because " I had blacked out on them". I responded by saying " you mean like I was gonna take off on you?" They said yes and I replied "in a VW bus??" Now the other officer was critiquing my drivers license and asked where I lived because it listed my residence as a PO Box in Los Angeles. I stated right here and pointed to the house which was not in the city of LA. We got in an argument about this and stated to him that a drivers license is not proof of residence but a proof of the legality to operate a motor vehicle. After requesting a supervisor to hash this junk out they became aware that I was a gov't employee and backed down their brashness and was eventually excused to go on my way.
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PostPosted: Fri Jan 23, 2015 1:43 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

One evening in the Spring of 1976 or 77 my girlfriend (now my wife) and I were driving my dad's 68 Bus home from to NJ from the Bronx Zoo. There were two other couples with us. We got a little lost and ended up in what was back then, a pretty bad neighborhood when suddenly, the Bus wouldn't move. No forward, no reverse, but the motor was purring nicely.

At first I thought there was a trans or clutch problem, but after a quick check with a flashlight, I discovered the axle splines were sheared off in one of the rear brake drums leaving the axle spinning freely without being able to turn the wheel. Bottom line - we're not going anywhere.

Being a bunch of smart ass young college students, we walked down some pretty scary streets with burned out buildings and vacant lot without much thought until we found a working pay phone. I called my dad told him what the deal was and he said he'd drive to the Bronx and help get us home. So, we walked back to the Bus, got in and waited.

And waited. After about 90 minutes, it got dark and I knew this was not a great situation to be in. But, as luck would have it a New York City Police car pulled up behind us. Two officers got out and approached our Bus. I guess they thought we were up to no good, because they were pretty cautious. But, when they finally realized we were harmless and in a broken down VW awaiting help, they relaxed. Thinking they'd protect us until my dad arrived, we all felt relief.

Then, the cops simply said, "OK, your dad should be here soon. We have to get going, but keep the girls out of sight." and they drove away. What? Keep the girls out of sight? Are you kidding???!!! If I wasn't too scared before, needless to say, I was pretty scared now.

About 20 minutes later my dad drives up. In my mother's 74 Plymouth Duster. No tools, no nothing. Just the Duster and a chunk of rope. He tied the rear bumper of the Duster to the front bumper of the Bus and simply told me to try not to let there be too much slack in the line so we don't brake the rope. I tried to establish a signal like 2 beeps of the horn or flashes of the lights should I need him to slow down or whatever. He ignored me, piled all my friends into the Duster and proceeded to drag us to the Cross Bronx Expressway, across the George Washington Bridge and all the way home at more than 60 MPH!!!

When we finally stopped in front of the house, I had to pry my white knuckled hands off the Bus steering wheel. I was terrified. Not because I was stuck in the Bronx, but because my dad just wanted to tow me home quickly!!!
1967 Beetle
Northern NJ
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PostPosted: Sat Feb 14, 2015 5:24 pm    Post subject: You can do better than that!!!! Reply with quote

In 1990 I was 24 and I had a 1972 White Westy that I used to drive around. I went to my parents house one weekend in southern Ontario and picked up my brother and proceeded to the town pier to spark one up! As we were passing it around a cop came down the pier and we tried to throw the roach out the window. The wind blew it back in and as we fumbled on the floor to find it. I lifted my head to find the cop at the window. As I rolled it down he could smell the special cigarette and asked me to step out as well as my brother. My bother had a baggie and stashed it behind the drivers seat. The cop then asked if there was anything in the bus as he was going to "tear it apart". I told him where he could find it and he then asked me and my brother to follow him to the cop shop. as we pulled in, I got out and he handed the pot to me and said what are you going to do with it? I then spilled it to the gravel in the parking lot and kicked it around a bit. He said "you can do better than that!!!' I did and he let us go with a warning..
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PostPosted: Fri Mar 27, 2015 5:57 pm    Post subject: cop Reply with quote

I was working one day when I saw a bunch of buses going to the same place.. Kelly park.. not so long after I bought a 70 westy today I own a 64 bug and a 90 westy ...

retired so I have plenty of time to play with my VW's ...

incase you cant guess was a cop ! 25 years
64 bug
91 Vanagon/ Subaru swap Westfalia
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