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EverettB Wed Aug 06, 2003 8:54 pm

For Buyers:
Make sure you read the 2nd post in this thread, here

Beware of any seller who asks you to contact them only by text or phone/text. See this post on page 3:

Text Scams!
* Beware of any buyer who contacts you only by texting, often with talk of them sending a shipper to pick up your vehicle and asking you to send money to the shipper. Example of a text
* Wanted Ads: If you have placed a Wanted Ad, they often contact you saying they have the part and use photos stolen from the internet.
* They may say they are a "Samba Member" - This is false - Or they have been a member but were banned from the site as a scammer.
See this post on page 4:
This post includes a list of known scammer phone numbers
Example of a common text scammer (Click)

General check for stolen vehicles:
If you want to do a VIN check, you can use this site:

Scam Info:
Multiple people have been contacted from African, European, or U.S. buyers involving a common scam.

Follow these common-sense rules when contacting by any buyer or seller:

* BE WARY OF WIRING ANYONE FUNDS VIA WESTERN UNION, MONEYGRAM or any other wire service - these are common methods used by the scammers.

* Scammers often send FAKE CASHIER CHECKS or MONEY ORDERS - BANKS WILL CASH THEM AND HOLD YOU RESPONSIBLE. Sometimes they are not discovered to be fake for weeks or months.

* NEVER GIVE OUT ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION like your social security number, eBay/Paypal passwords, your ATM PIN number, etc.

* AVOID DEALS INVOLVING ESCROW SERVICES OR "YAHOO AUTOS FINANCE", especially if the deal requires you to login to a web site and enter a bunch of personal information. These websites are fake and run by the scammers.

One basic rule:
If any deal requires the seller to send the buyer or a shipper money, it is a scam.

Additional information:
National news story
More info and links
Wikipedia - Internet Fraud
Wikipedia - Advance Fee Fraud

A sample fake bank check:

How to verify USPS money orders:
How to report USPS mail fraud:

Who should I notify about fraud or scam attempts?
* FTC toll free hotline: 877-FTC-HELP (877-382-4357)
* FTC online complaint form -
* Canadian PhoneBusters hotline: 888-495-8501
* Internet Fraud Complaint Center -
* Non-emergency number for your local police department.

Website from the US Federal Trade Commission:
OnGuard Online -

If you receive a scam email, please forward it to me at [email protected] so I can block their email from contacting sellers on the site.

Scam Examples:
1. Your vehicle or part is for sale for $3000.
* The buyer wants to have his friend, business partner, or employee send you $9000 because his friend or business partner owes him $6000.
* You are supposed to cash his bank check for $9000 and then send the remaining $3000 to the buyer, usually by Western Union.
* DO NOT DO THIS! It is a scam. You deposit the check and then send the buyer the extra $6000. The bank check either bounces or was a forgery and you lose your $6000. They don't want your car, just the cash - the car is never picked up. YOUR BANK WILL HOLD YOU RESPONSIBLE FOR THE FAKE CHECK.

2. Your vehicle or part is for sale for $3000.
* The buyer sends you the cost of your car + the cost of shipping. Later, they say they have taken care of shipping and ask for you to refund the shipping cost. They keep your refund and the original bank check bounces.
* The buyer sends you the cost of your car + the cost of shipping. You are supposed to forward money to the shipper. The shipper is them using a different name or it is their partner. You will lose whatever money you send to the "shipper".

More warnings:
Beware of anyone "representing a client". There are legitimate car brokers out there but this is a common term used by the scammers.
Beware of any buyers from Saudi Arabia or Egypt who want to wire you money.
Beware of anyone who does not ask you specific questions about your vehicle.
Beware of anyone who speaks with you on the phone through a operator-assisted relay call (Normally used for deaf or mute people)

Why do they say they want the money sent by Western Union? Because this puts cash directly into the scammers hands immediately.

Beware of people (who may say they are from outside the US) expressing interest in buying your vehicle and who want your address immediately. Do not give out your address before making an appointment to show the car, and only provide the address to the person who will be coming over. Ask them some questions (about themselves, their relationship to the buyer, their knowledge of VWs, what they will be driving, etc.) so that you can be reasonably assured that they are credible before you give out your address.

South Africa information from a site visitor:
"South Africa has placed a complete ban on the import of lefthand drive vehicles (new and secondhand). Trust me I tried and the answer is still NO CAN DO. Thus you will not be able to export to SA any left hand drive cars, etc. If someone came with some clever scheme that they are from SA and want to buy and import to SA you know there is something wrong. Even if they say that it will be exported via SA to some other part of Africa it could be an indication that something might be wrong. Not even an agent can do it via SA for a client. The vehicle will simply not be allowed in SA, it can't stay on a ship forever, it will be returned to sender. Needless to say your money won't."

Why do scammers want your personal information?
Here is one answer from a site visitor:
"They take the information that they gather from the classified scams; Name, address, phone number, etc. and call you claiming to be a credit card company, Federal Loan Office or some other organization that has "money" for you. They then request your credit card or bank account information in an attempt to charge your card or draw all of the money out of your bank account. They are very clever and will actually transfer you to different "departments" to process your information. They build your confidence by knowing all of your personal information and are busy on the computer researching banks in your area."

Fake titles
Since late 2014 there have been some scam ads where the seller is sending out photoshopped titles, often using an Athens County, Ohio or CA title that has been photoshopped. They will also frequently send you a photo of their driver's license, which is usually a photoshopped version of a real driver's license. Look carefully at the name and address on the driver's license photo and you will see the text does not match.


The Price / Tax / Date Issued line is the correct font and is original.
The other text is photoshopped.

Example #2:

Real Ohio title example - look familiar? Note same Price / Tax / Date Issued text, among other things.

I have also seen scammers using these bills of sale

Fake driver's licenses
Scammers often use a fake driver's license and title as "proof" they own the vehicle.

They are often obviously photoshopped but not always - sometimes they look almost real

A recent thread about a scammer using a fake driver's license to try to sell a car:

His License:

Please go to the last page of this thread to see samples of the latest scam letters.

Also read:
Fake emails from

EverettB Fri Aug 08, 2003 5:44 pm

For buyers:

Scam car ads on this site and many other Internet sites:
Beginning in late 2005, there have been some fake vehicle ads showing up in the Classifieds.

The seller has stolen the text and photos from a vehicle on eBay or another Internet web site and is using the information and photos to try and sell a car they do not own.

These ads are removed as soon as possible.

Beware of a seller who asks that you contact them directly and bypass the Samba's email system.

Beware of anyone who requests payment via Western Union as well as anyone who does not want you to come pick up the vehicle in person.

Beware of anyone who talks about using a 3rd party escrow company or offers free cross-country shipping.

Beware of any seller who asks you to contact them only by text.

Beware of anyone who cannot send you additional photos or a video of the vehicle.
* You should always ask for more photos of any car you are buying, including something unique that required the seller to have access to the vehicle.
* If possible, ask for a walk-around video of the car or for the seller to do a "live" video, if possible, via phone.

Beware of anyone who wants you to go to a web site and enter your personal information in order to buy a car. THESE WEB SITES ARE FAKE AND THEY ARE TRYING TO STEAL YOUR IDENTITY.

The fake sellers sometimes state they can deliver the vehicle to you for free, regardless of your location.

You should not buy any car without getting the seller's full personal information, as well as talking to them on the phone, and getting additional detailed photos of the vehicle.

In my opinion, 99%+ of legitimate sellers would not be accepting a Western Union money transfer to sell a vehicle. They would request cash in person, a wire transfer, or a bank cashier's check.

If you suspect any ad as being fake or recognize an ad as having text or photos stolen from the Internet: Please press in the ad and select the reason as "Ad is a scam".

EverettB Fri Aug 08, 2003 5:46 pm

Sample scam email:

Thanks for your mail, well i am okay with the price and will want payment to be asap, i will go about payment by instructing my client in the states to issue you a certified bank check of $10,000 and this should take care of all expences in this transaction, what you will do once you have recieved it ,is to cash it, deduct your own money($6000) and the wiring charges and wire the balance to my international shipping agent through western union transfer, once he recieves the balance will come over to your location the very next day for pick up, now the money wired to the shipper is his fees for his services, transportation to your location and back to me, also for all charges that may arise along this transaction cos i will want the good to be delivered to me safe and sound without problems, i shall send you my shipper address as soon as i contact him, all i need of you now is to mail me your full name and contact address as well as phone number so that i can forward it to my client who will issue out payment on my behalf to you the, let me know asap if you are still intrested so that we could seal this transaction on time.
Mr Cord

EverettB Sat Aug 09, 2003 8:36 am

Another sample email:

Hello <your name>,
Thanks for your quick respond, well i am okay with the price and will want payment to be asap, i will arrange payment by instructing my client in the states to issue you a gauranteed bank check/casheir's check of $9500 and this should take care of all expences in this transaction, what you're to do,once you have recieved your payment,is to cash it,then deduct your own money($3650) and any other necessary charges and wire the balance to my international shipping agent via wetern union money transfer, once he recieves the balance will come over to your location the very next day for pick up, now the money wired to the shipper is his fees for his services, transportation to your location and back to me, also for all charges that may arise along this transaction cos i will want the (<your car>) to be delivered to me safe and sound without problems, i shall forward my shipper address as soon as i contact him, all i need of you now is to mail me your full name and contact address as well as phone number so that i can forward it for payment to get to you ASAP,let me know if you are ok with this, so we could seal this transaction on time.
<buyer name>

EverettB Tue Aug 26, 2003 8:13 am

Another sample email:

good day.
i am internationa dealer. so i will like to buy your (<your vehicle>) dont abuot the shipment. my shipping agent will come to your location for the shipment .i will be sendding the us check to you so i will like you to send the found of the money to my shipping agent so that they will be able to come to your location for picking it up in your i will like you to send your location to me .and i will like to know the coundition of the car.and i whant you to tell me the total maount of the horse and i will like to see the pictures .i sow your advert at <web link to your car>

EverettB Tue Sep 09, 2003 9:16 am

Another sample:

I'm an auto dealer here in the city of johannesburg , I do
ship in cars and trucks and I also sell
I'm highly paying my interested in buying your item listed
<your car> .
which I saw the price as <your price>.but i'm here offering you
a <a little bit less than your price>.But i want you to know that i'll be making my payments with
american cashier check which would be sent through my associate
who lives in the state who is owing some funds and also i want you to know that
i'll be taking care of the shipping my self.
So if you have agreed with the offer please get back soon.
<random name>

EverettB Wed Oct 15, 2003 9:18 am

Another sample:

i ! am interested in your <car name> (<car price>), please i will like you to give me your best offer for the <car name>.you need not bother your self about the shipping of the car because i have a shipper who will come over for the pick up of the car and signing of all the necessary documents.

EverettB Wed Oct 22, 2003 10:11 am

Another sample:

Dear Sir,

I intend to purchase your (Car) for <price> as long as it is in good conditions.I reside in United Kingdom, and would want this transaction to be risk free. If you are interested in my offers, do not hesitate to send to me these informations, which will help facilitate the transactions:


Immediately i get your full information, and is satisfied with them, i will instruct my client in the U.S. to issue you a certified American Cahsier Check on my behalf.

EverettB Fri Oct 24, 2003 11:51 am

Another sample email series:

Dear seller,
i saw your advert and i am interested in purchasing your vehicle for US$<price> and i will make my payment with a cashiers check ,moreso is there any phone number i can reach you please let me know as soon as possible


thanks for your mail,i tried calling your number but it did not go through i think it will be appreciable if we can communicate on the mail before i could get my line fixed.i will need you to send me the name you will want the check to bear and where you want it sent to i really need this machendise very urgently because my customer has threateaned to purchase it from another seller if i cant get it for him and i think you are the only person online that has the exact thing he is looking for and i really need to get it for him because this is where i earn my living i have already arrange for how the car will be picked up after making the payment to you i will await your response

EverettB Tue Nov 04, 2003 11:48 am

Another sample email:

We are interested in buying your above mentioned products at advertised rate. Goods to be shipped to London. Cost and modalities of shipping to be born by us.

Payment for the purchase is by check through a debtor in US. The debtor owes us higher than our purchase. He will therefore be sending you a check for <amount> to cover the cost of our order, as well as the Shipping costs.

On receipt of the check, you will cash and deduct the cost of our order .The balance you will send as we would instruct you to the Agency that will ship the Goods to us. If this arrangement suites you fine, please send us your address where to send the check, as well as the name to be on it. Also send us your phone number for easy communication.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Thank you.

Best Regards

EverettB Wed Jan 21, 2004 9:48 am

Scammer Western union info, thanks to Eric:

E-MAIL;[email protected]

[email protected] David Johnson, Tony Clark
(Tony may be in the hospital needing surgery to save his life)
Name:John Smith
Address:31 Natal Road
SW16 6JA

Even though the addresses are in Europe the money gets relayed to Nigeria. This is according to the USA Secret Service.

EverettB Tue May 18, 2004 8:58 am

Another sample email:

I've just forwarded the pix to my client and also the price is okay with him, I will like to know if payment can be made via a cashier check drawn on an America bank. So I will want you to forward your contact details as follows:
Name the check is to be made payable to:
Address to be sent :
And your Phone #: :

I await your timely response!!

EverettB Tue May 18, 2004 9:00 am

Another sample email:

Thanks for the mail , the price is okay by me and i am ready to purchase from you immediately, i am ok with $1,500 for the {CAR}, and i want you to delete the ad from the website, i have a reputable shipper that will take care of shipping from your end i want to let you know i have a client in the state that is oweing me a sum of 4,000 , i will instruct him to issue you a certified cashier's cheque on my behalf and as soon as cheque arrives, you hold out your amount and send the difference to my shipper for the pick up in your place, i hope i can trust you for my balance and also you will be contacting my shipper with all neccesary information needed for pick up in your place i.e the actual weight and exact dimension of the{CAR} . if this terms are okay by you, do get back to me with the following
details wicth payment be made out to you like this
Home Address...
Full Name on cheque...
Telephone Number...
Mobilephone number...
Fax Number...
Do get back to me asap with this details for payment to be made out to you immediately. Waiting to hearing from you.

EverettB Thu May 20, 2004 9:25 am

Another sample:

It`s been nice knowing this web-site and truly found what exact
thing have been looking for.I got the placement of the advert of your
{PART OR CAR} from a decent site and decided to make a
contact with
you and i will like to know the Price of the it ,also i will like to
know the present condition of it .I will lik to inform you that i
willbe paying by a check for the payment of it. Moreover, I want you
to give me the information nin which the check
will be send to you asking below:
And as soon this information is rceive by me the check will be dreas
on your name and send to you.
will be expecting your reply!

EverettB Mon Jul 12, 2004 6:17 pm

Another sample:


EverettB Sat Aug 07, 2004 6:26 am

Another sample:


I am interested in buying your <CAR>
for that amount <PRICE> but i am paying with a
certified cashiers check, if its ok by you get me
your full information which i will
use to cut the check out.


Regards shipping, my own shipper will take care of the
shipping as soon as payment as been made.

EverettB Sat Aug 07, 2004 6:27 am

Another sample:

Good day to you,
I am <NAME> a businessman. I buy and sell, I would
like you to know that I fund at that you have a <CAR> which you want to sell and I would like to buy to one of my client. I would like to know If you are interested in selling, do send ane-mail as you receive this mail.
Also I will like to know the cost of it.

EverettB Sat Aug 07, 2004 6:29 am

Another sample:

My name is <NAME> am the Owner of <COMPANY NAME> in Kent
located in ashford Uk, the firm is a private firm that deal with used
cars, bikes,boats and any automobile products .

I will appreciate if you can kindly give us the price quote of your <CAR>,in which you place on the classified ad, we are duely in need of
this car .

I do pay with us certified cashier check to any company/PERSON that
we are doing bussiness with, your quick response will be highly

1) Name in which the check will be payable to
2) The address inwhich the check will be mail to
3) Your personal phone number for easier communication
4) The last price of the CAR that want to be given out.

EverettB Sat Aug 07, 2004 6:30 am

Another sample:

I am an international business man, specialised in
dealing,purchasing and selling of AUTOS.I also help my foreign client to
ship there AUTOS to any place of there desired country or
destination, most especially EUROPE, cause i have a shipper who takes
care of the
shipment, So shipping will not pose any problem.
Presently i have a client who has asked me to help him
purchase the item subjected above which will be shipped. As i was
browsing through the internet, i saw your advert and i will like to
purchase it for
my client, but before payment will be made i need to be sure of who
i will be dealing with if you are going to be honest and since re
throughout the transaction.
So to start with, signify your interest by forwarding to me
your last offer (PRICE) as well as your method(s) of payment through
after which we can continue with the transaction and i promise if all
conditions and agreement are accepted and reached on time, payment
will be made out almost immedia

EverettB Sat Aug 07, 2004 6:31 am

Another sample:

I am interested in purchasing your advertised product for one of my
client firstly,i will like to know the present condition and my
method of payment will be by a certified cashiers check drawn in
US funds this payment will be made by one of my client in the
US who is owing me sum of ($8,000.00) and you are to deduct
your amount of Rust Free California 71 Bay Window Bus - $3,500.00,and
send the remaining funds to the shipping company who will come for the
pickup,they are shipper
who takes care any of my shippment and my client is ready to send you
the cashier check as soon as possible.If that will be okay for you
then you can provide your name that will be on the check and address
which you will like to recieve,but if you will prefer to receive the
check in your bank i will want you to provide all the necessary info
concerning your bank(bank name and address,account #and rounting#,so
that i can order my client to wire the payment to your bank asap
including your land phone

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