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brotha bran Wed Feb 27, 2013 8:39 am

Our 1600cc single port in the Single Cab is running just fine now that I've got an OG Solex carb on it and proper distributor, but looking down the road I know I want to get a little more oomph in there. We use it as a work/farm truck, and some more torque and pushing/pulling power would be useful in certain situations.

In my mind, I'm looking at two different options. I'm currently building up a 2L Type IV with HAM heads, Raby Cam, etc. Basically I'm building a "Camper Special" lite, without all of the added benefits of having Jake build a turnkey package. This engine is intended to go back into our '76 Bay, but I have toyed with the idea of adding a DTM package and throwing it in the truck instead, and likely find a good running Type IV or get a longblock from Gary @ Suburban Engine to go into the bus.

The other option I'm looking at, would be to have Chico build me one of his "Torque Master" engines, either a peppy 1600 or a 1776. I wouldn't want to go much bigger though, as I am looking for a decent bit of longevity.

Any input/opinions are welcome as to what route seems most logical. Thanks!

sactojesse Wed Feb 27, 2013 10:16 am

If I were in your position (and an enviable one to have a '68 SC and '76 bus), I would save the Type IV camper special for the heavier '76 and build torquey Type I engine for the '68. A 1776 with a CW crank, Engle W100 cam, ported and polished stock heads w/ HD single springs (like DRD L3s), dual Dellorto 36 DRLAs or Weber 40 IDFs, and a 1 3/8" extractor exhaust would be fine and you could run the stock heater boxes.

brotha bran Wed Feb 27, 2013 10:43 am

Jesse, that's my thinking too. And keeping the early Bay with the T1 set-up would require a lot less work installing. I've also toyed with the idea of building up my own T1 to save a little money, though the ease of just getting one from Chico is more tempting as I already am in the middle of a build as it is.

babysnakes Wed Feb 27, 2013 1:16 pm

I'm in the same boat as you Brotha. I am thinking big T-1 or T-4 just like you. I am weighing towards a T-4 with a Joe Cali conversion. The T-4 will be more difficult to install but it should last a lot longer. If I do go with a T-1 I'll be building a 2110.

nextgen Wed Feb 27, 2013 3:12 pm

the T-4 will be less harder to install then the T-1, serious go to the T-4 fourm and ask the guys
The T-4 in upright configuration is not as wide as a T-1 Right up and in.
Also it only weights 25 lbs more then a T-1, therefore no need for a rear support. In a bus I see no other way to go. The later model buses are much heaiver then yours and go over 100k no problem. We are talking about an engine pushing anything guys can fit in the big box, like motorcycles, sofa's Sinks with 60 gallons of water. Try doing that with a T-1. You on the other hand are aware of the weight and will take car of it.
So where do you want to put your money into something that may go 50 k and will not keep up with traffic or a T-4 bus that will cruise at 70 mph all day. If this was a bug sure go T-1 no problem, but we are talking Bus and I cannot think of a better reason to have a T-4 conversion then in an early bus. Go to my site then go to photos- once at photos, click on more photos- you will see a Bus like yours doing a wheelie with a T-4

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