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VW Dictionary
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Fahrt German: "Drive".  Text that appeared on early Type 3 ignitions for the "Start" position.

Fahrvergnügen German for "The enjoyment derived from driving".

Fastback A version of the Type 3 Volkswagen.  Characterized by a rear body shape falls in an unbroken line from the roofline to the rear bumper. Began production in late 1965 (1966 model year)
fastback1.jpg (181969 bytes) fastback2.jpg (44199 bytes) fastback3.jpg (78563 bytes)

Fasty Slang term for Fastback.

Fat Base Mirror Arm Mirror arm used on Buses from 1955 to mid-1958.  It has a larger base right above the hinge area than later Buses mirror arms. Thread in Forums

Fatchick Slang term for most air-cooled VWs that use 4-bolt wheels, such as 68 and newer Standard Beetles, Super Beetles, Bay Window Buses, 1970 and later Ghias, 1970 and later Type 3s, etc.

Fender Removable body section of a VW vehicle, usually houses the headlights or taillights
fender.jpg (25250 bytes)

Fender Beading Plastic/vinyl beading used between the fenders and the body on VW vehicles, priomarily to prevent metal to metal contact while sealing the joining surface.

Fender Brakes Slang term, generally used with the occurrence of lowered Volkswagens that experience fender rub due to the lack of a narrowed front beam or oversized tires up front.

Fender Guards See Gravel Guards

Fenderwell Underside of the fender, where the tire often is situated.  In the case of Beetle fenders, this area is concave.

Feuerwehrauto German: Fire Truck (literally "fireman's car").

FI Fuel injection

Finger Guards Door handle accessory, typically made of aluminum, that protects the area behind the door handle from fingernail scratches
fingerguards1.jpg (44660 bytes)

Firetruck VW Commercial vehicle outfitted for Fire service.  Special fire equipment may have included a rotating light on the roof, a fire hose, sirens, red paint, extra lighting, and sometimes a trailer with an industrial engine-driven fire pump
firetruck.jpg (33462 bytes)

FLAPS Friendly Local Automotive Parts Store

Flash Trim See Aussie Flash Trim

Fleetline Fleetlines were built in South Africa in 1975. One year only. They were assembled in SA from Brazilian knocked down kits in three versions: 15-window Kombis, Panelvans, and wide-bed Single Cabs.

Fließheck German term for Notchback. Combined from "Fließen" (to flow) and "Heck" (tail)

Flip-Hatch Term used for the roof opening in pre-65 model Westfalias, used for ventilation. Also see sub-hatch.

Flip-Seat Term used for the 1961 - '65 Westfalias. The front seat was hinged at the bottom and could "flip" against the steering wheel to allow more seating in the cargo area.

Floorpan Superstructure of a VW automobile.  Also see chassis
floorpan1.jpg (30501 bytes)

Fluted Lenses Headlights style used on all models up to 1967.

Flying Hood Ornament Made in Australia in the late fifties, the Flying Hood Ornament mounts to the hood of a Beetle over the aluminum molding trim, a number of different versions were available. Little is known about the source of the ornaments. Reproductions are available.
See this Forums thread for more information

Foglights Accessory available for foggy weather usage, these cast light in more of a side-to-side pattern.
foglights1.jpg (32323 bytes)

Footwell Lining Rubber lining at the bottom of the VW Bus bulkhead, on the cargo area side
footwelllining.jpg (21195 bytes)

Formsprache German for "The language of design".

Formula Vee A set of rules, or "formula", for single-seat, open-wheeled racing cars based on stock Volkswagen 1200 series, Beetle, U.S. model sedan components. It was and is highly restrictive in specifications so as to emphasize driver ability rather than the design and preparation of the car. For example, the only engine modification permitted is a 5-lb reduction in flywheel weight to improve throttle response. Standard wheels and brakes are required. A typical Formula Vee racer has a top speed of more than 100 mph
formulavee1.jpg (88309 bytes) formulavee2.jpg (77534 bytes)
To capitalize on ties to Formula Vee racecars, any accessory with sporty or flashy leanings got Formula Vee put in front of the name. Steering wheels, shift knobs, bumper guards, dual horns, wheels, tailpipes, and of course Formula Vee stripes, plus a lot more. Some dealers were known to load a Bug with all the Formula Vee accessories it could hold, and they called it a Formula Vee Edition, but VW never made an official Formula Vee Edition.

Foxcrafts Slang term, usually used to describe Foxcraft Fender Skirts, a skirt that covers the rear wheel well on the VW Beetle.  Made by the Foxcraft company.

Foyer Tent Small Westfalia tent made from 1962 -1964.

Frankenstein Slang term used to describe a car grafted together from two or more other cars for a custom appearance.

Frankfurt Blaupunkt Radio model.

Freedom Camper Aftermarket camper from the Freedom company in San Fernando, CA..  Nicknamed Snowtop due to the large originally white fiberglass roof extension.  Easy to identify due to roof, although not all Freedom Campers have the "snowtop" roof.  There are several types of interiors, it is unknown whether there was a single standard interior or if some of the interiors seen were home-made.

Fresh-air 1962 and later heating system where the air supply for the heating system is drawn in by the cooling fan and blown out through the fan housing through the heat exchangers.  See also Stale-air

Fridolin German/Swiss Postal service delivery vehicle with sliding doors on the sides. 
fridolin1.jpg (95008 bytes) fridolin2.jpg (84747 bytes)

Fried Egg lens Slang term for the front turn signals on '62 to '67 buses. The orange center of the lens looks like a yolk. the outer like the white of the egg.
friedegglens.jpg (45636 bytes)

Front Apron U-shaped area at the front center of a Beetle
frontapron.jpg (60414 bytes)

Front Beam Two parallel tubes that are bolted to the Chassis that, in turn, have the remainder of the front suspension attached to them.

Front Clip Area from the dashboard forward, not to include any fenders.

Fuchs Type of rim characterized by 5 spokes in a Porsche pattern.  Available in various widths and often polished to a chrome-like appearance.  Fuchs are a forged wheel, making them very strong for their weight.  Fuchs is the name of the manufacturer - they are also know for construction equipment.  Fuchs means "fox" in German.
 fuchs2.jpg (117150 bytes)

Fuel tap Shut-off and reserve valve located on VWs produced without fuel gauges to allow the owner approx. 1 US gallon of a reserve tank.

Full Restoration Subjective term referring to the complete return of a Volkswagen to it's original condition.  Involves interior, body/paint, trim, rims/tires, mechanical, and engine.  Also called a "full-resto".  Not to be confused with Resto-Custom

Fumagalli Type of rim.

Fusca Brazilian name to the  Volkswagen  people's car. VW of Brazil has adopted the Fusca name back in 1984.
fusca1.jpg (22226 bytes)

Fweem The beautiful sound of an air cooled Volkswagen as it drives by.  The high pitched chirping noise of a Volkswagen muffler.

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