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VW Dictionary
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N Model 1964-65 "N"ormal entry model Type 3.  The N-model Type 3 did not have all the Deluxe features of the more common S model.  Unique attributes included prop rods for the front and rear trunks instead of springs, a block off plate instead of a clock, no passenger exterior door lock, smaller interior door arm rests, no passenger side mirror, a lack of trim rings and other chrome trim, and more basic wiper controls.  The N-model is now considered to be more rare as not many were purchased, although the typical S model still remains more desirable in most cases.

Napolean Hat The sheet metal part of the chassis that forms the hump where the forward bulkhead of the car rests.

Narrowed Beam A front beam that has had a section removed from the center to decrease the total width.  One method of lowering a vehicle while still retaining the ability to run larger or stock width rims without the tires rubbing on the inner fenderwells.
narrowedbeam1.jpg (19100 bytes) narrowedbeam2.jpg (17726 bytes)

Nasenbaer German for the raccoon like Coatimundi (literally, "nose-bear"). A German nickname for the Type 4 Volkswagens.

Nazipakastin Finnish nickname for the VW Beetle, translates to Nazi freezer (since Beetles are known in Finland for being extra cold during the winter.)

NEATO An acronym for North East Atlantic Transporter Organization, originally a club for buses on the east coast of America.  Now an international club dedicated to the preservation and enjoyment of pre-1968 Type II/T1 Volkswagen Transporters.  Post -1968 Transporters are represented by LiMBO.

"Never Hit" Term used to describe a Volkswagen which has never been involved in an accident.  One would expect a "never-hit" car to be bondo-free.

Nicknames International nicknames for the VW Bug:
Afghanistan: Fulox-e-baqa-e
Algeria: Cocinelle
Argentina: Escarabajo, Ponchito
Austria: Kugel Porsche, Käfer
Belgium: Keverke, Kever
Bolivia: Peta
Bosnia and Herzegovina: Folcika, Buba
Brazil: Fusca
Bulgaria: Kostenurka
Canada: Punch Buggy, Bug, Beetle, Choupette
Catalonia (Spain): Escarabat
Chile: Escarabajo, Poncho
Colombia: Pulga, Escarabajo, Vocho
Costa Rica: Bocho (vocho)
Croatia: Buba
Cuba: Huevito
Czech Republic: Brouk
Denmark: Bobble, Boblen
Dominican Republic: Cepillo
Ecuador: Pichirilo
Egypt: Elkhonfesa
Estonia: Pornikas
Finland: Kupla, Volkkari
France: Cocinelle
Germany: Käfer
Greece: Skaraveos
Guatemala: Cuca
Haiti: Cocinelle
Honduras: Cucarachita
Hungary: Bogár
Iceland: Bjalla
India: Aama, Beetle
Indonesia: Kodok
Iran: Ghoorbaghei
Iraq: Agroga, Rag-gah
Israel: Hiposhit
Italy: Maggiolino
Japan: Kabuto-Mushi
Kenya: Kifuu
Latvia: Vabole
Lithuania: Vabalas
Luxembourg: Krabbeli
Macedonia: Buba
Malaysia: Kereta Kura-Kura, Kura, Kodok
Malta: Hanfusa
Mexico: Vocho, Chinchita, Pulguita
Namibia: Kashima
Nepal: Bhyagute Car
Netherlands: Kever
Norway: Bobla, Boble
Pakistan: Foxy
Panama: Tortuga
Paraguay: Escarabajo, Fusca, Boby
Peru: Escarabajo, Bocho o Rana
Phillippines: Pendong, Pagong, Ba-o, Boks
Poland: Garbus
Portugal: Corocha
Puerto Rico: Bolillo or Volky
Romania: Broasca, Buburuza
Russia: Juchek
Serbia and Montenegro: Buba
Shona: Bhamba datya
Slovakia: Chrobak
Slovenia Hrosc
South Africa: Kewer, Volksie, Volla
Sri Lanka: Volks, Beetle, Ibba
Swahili: Mgongo wa Chura, Mwendo wa Kobe
Sweden: Bubblan, Bubbla, Folka, Bagge
Switzerland: Käfer
Tanzania: Kobe
Taiwan: Gin-Kwe
Thailand: Tao
Turkey: Vosvos
Uraguay: Fusca, Escarabajo
Venezuela: Escarabajo
Vietnam: Con Bo
Yugoslavia: Buba

NLA Common abbreviation which stands for "No Longer Available".  It refers to parts which cannot be purchased new.

Nordhoff, Heinz In 1948, Dr. Nordhoff was appointed Volkswagen's managing director, given a free hand to organize the factory's reconstruction, and re-start production.  Nordhoff was involved in building the city of Wolfsburg and financing the first runs of Beetles in the summer of 1948. By the end of 1948 he had 15,000 domestic orders and 7,000 export orders.  Nordhoff increased production from 19,244 units in 1948 to half a million by 1958.  Nordhoff later added variants of the Beetle platform, such as the VW Minibus and Karmann Ghia coupe and convertible. By the time he died on April 12, 1968, VW annual production had reached 1.7 million units.

"Normal Rust" Somewhat subjective term used to describe the typical pattern of rust on older Volkswagens.  Common locations are the rockers, battery tray, etc.

NOS New Old Stock. A part made by VW or by an original supplier to VW and never installed on a vehicle.  Preferably in it's original packaging, though not absolutely necessary to be considered NOS.  Any deviation would render the item NOT NOS.  NOS parts can be in various conditions, depending on how they were stored over the years, although most people consider an NOS item to be in mint condition.

Nose Term for the front of a VW.  Most commonly used when referring to a Bus.
nose.jpg (148552 bytes)

Nosecone Front piece of the transmission case that houses the hockey stick.

Notch Slang term for Notchback.

Notchback A Type 3 version having a conventional rear-deck treatment, rather than the smooth sweep of the Fastback or the station-wagon-like tail of the Squareback.
notchback1.jpg (31463 bytes) notchback2.jpg (31846 bytes)

Notek Abbreviation for Nova-Technik GmbH, München. Often used to refer to a blackout light, commonly called Notek lights . Used during blackout conditions for convoys in WWII. Most of these lights were mounted on the left/drivers fender.  Beginning in 1941 the front black out light was required on all civilian vehicles in Germany as well.

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