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VW Dictionary
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OCTO Orange County Transporter Organization.  Southern California based Volkswagen Club.  They hold the thrice yearly kick-ass OCTO Meet for pre-1968 Transporters.

Odometer Mechanical device in the speedometer that indicates how many miles a vehicle has traveled.

OE Original Equipment

Oel German: "oil". 

OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer

Oetiker Swiss company maker of Ear Type Hose Clamps. (Also known as Single Ear or 1-Ear)
Found on the Evaporative Emission Control System, such as on the fuel filler Breather and Vacuum 'Tee' hose ... on 68 and later models (68+ Beetle, Ghia, 181 and Bus)
They're currently still in business, making clamps and other connectors.

Oettinger, Gerhard Devised the OKRASA system.

Off-Road Vehicle General term for any VW that can be driven off paved roads.  See dune buggy or Meyers Manx.  

OG Original German - Term used to describe a vehicle, part, or characteristic (such as paint) in original condition.

"Oh-Shit" Handle Slang for grab handle.

Okrasa "Oettinger Kraftfahrtechnische Spezial Anstalt" or. in English. Oettinger strength-driving technical specially institute should not to be confused as a Japanese word; the name OKRASA is a name that refers to a business founded by Gerhard Oettinger. Building only performance parts used on the VW motor while VW based coachbuilders such as Rometsch and Dannenhauer & Stauss used Okrasa engines in their sports cars.

Originally Okrasa kits were in the following arrangements, the TS 1200, and the TSV 1300/30. The TS-1200 included a pair of Okrasa twin-port cylinder heads with twin port manifolds, two Solex 32PBIC carburators found on early Porsche 356s, and specially designed linkage. The TSV 1300/30 Kit came with the same parts as the TS 1200 and also included a 69.5mm chrome moly crankshaft enlarging the capacity of the motor to 1295cc. Many other options and installations could be done. Okrasa offered factory built up motors as well.

The small Oettinger  factory in Germany enjoyed great success until the late 1970s.

Öl German: "oil". 

Old School Pertaining to original or unchanged.  Classic or first appearance being taken back to it's time. Untouched by modern design changes.

One-Eyed Duck Center mount for wiper blades on a pre-68 Bus when you open the Safari Windows

One-off Slang for "one of a kind".  Not necessarily only one existing, but very rare.

Orange Peel Paint imperfection resulting in textured appearance (like an orange-peel, get it?)

Original Term used to describe Volkswagen parts or condition that are the same as when the vehicle was new from the VW factory.  For example: paint, engine, upholstery, etc. Desirable among many stock enthusiasts. Slang: OG.

Original Paint Denotes a vehicle that has never been repainted, it is still displaying the original, VW factory paint job.  Sometimes used on vehicles that have had partial repaints, as in "80% original paint"

Osnabrúck Almost all of the Beetle convertibles, Karmann-Ghias, and VW-Porsche 914s were built in the Karmann plant in Osnabrúck, Germany.

Osram Original bulb and light manufacturer and provider for Volkswagen.

OTW Abbreviation for Other Than Westfalia. Some VW camper enthusiasts consider Westfalia camper conversions the only true camper conversion and therefore refer to all other campers as OTWs.

Outrigger Metal support that comes outward from the main frame rails on VW Buses.

Oval Window 1953-1957 Beetle that used curved glass in the shape of an oval for the rear window.
ovalwindow.jpg (121180 bytes)

Overhead Fresh Air Vent On a Bus, the vents that were introduced in early 1955 to provide fresh air for the drivers and passenger during vehicle movement. Air enters above the windshields and the direction and amount of air flow can be controlled by a series of flaps mounted inside the interior roof of the Bus.

Overriders Additional bumper pieces introduced for the Export markets, such as the USA, to provide additional vehicle protection as well as an additional level of trim on a VW.  Also available as an optional extra for markets where it was not a standard feature.
overriders1.jpg (64272 bytes) overriders2.jpg (27355 bytes)

Over Spray Paint imperfection where paint is sprayed onto an area (such as tires) where it doesn't belong.

Oxyboxer A waterboxer engine that has been converted from water-cooling to air-cooling by cutting off the water jackets on the case and replacing the cylinders and heads with finned parts, to take advantage of a better, larger, stronger case and crank with larger bearings.

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