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VW Dictionary
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R&R Remove and Replace a term for the basic work of taking apart and reassembling that must be done as a prerequisite to other work. Often refere to dropping an engine but could be applied to anything.

Radars Type of rim, made by Sears.
radars.jpg (113511 bytes)

Raders Type of rim, made by EMPI.
raders.jpg (111538 bytes)

Rag Top Generic term for any convertible.  Refers to the fabric top opening of a sunroof.
ragtop1.jpg (41341 bytes)

Raked Slang - A car that is completely lowered, but slightly more in the front than in the back.

Randars Radar reproduction rim manufactured in Southern California.

Rare Infrequently occurring; uncommon.  The often over-used term to describe a scarce or hard-to-find VW part.

Rat Look Distinct VW "Look" characterized by visible rust and an extreme lowering job.  Usually performed on a rusty or otherwise unrestorable VW.
ratlook1.jpg (62107 bytes) ratlook2.jpg (62072 bytes)

Rat Rod Although descended from a VW beetle, body modifications result in major transformation into a vehicle of unique proportions and various styling, many of the same characteristics as the Volksrod with more extreme modifications in most body areas resulting in small lower more radical styling.

Razor Edge Ghia See Type 34
type34.jpg (98141 bytes) type342.jpg (96199 bytes)

RdA See Reichsverband der deutschen Automobilindustrie

Rear Apron Rear center area on a VW.  On a Beetle, the U-shaped lower portion of the rear clip.  On an early Bus, the removable metal piece bolted to both corners. 
rearapron.jpg (180749 bytes)

Rear Clip Area on a Beetle from the bottom of the rear window downward.  Similar sized areas on other VW types.
rearclip1.jpg (97254 bytes)

Rear Hatch Opening rear door on various VWs - Buses, Squarebacks, etc..  Usually contains a window.
rearhatch1.jpg (97254 bytes) rearhatch2.jpg (39265 bytes)

Rear Mat Vinyl, fabric, hardboard, or rubber mat used to provide a more appealing trunk or cargo area appearance.
rearmat1.jpg (44841 bytes)

Rebuild Kit General term to indicate a series parts needed to rebuild something.  For example, a carb. rebuild kit might include all new paper and rubber seals, a new needle valve, and a few other small parts.

Red Needle Gauges Slang term to describe the gauges used in 1961 to mid-1964 VW Type 3s.  They had red/orange needles as opposed to the later white needle gauges.
redneedlegauge.jpg (88765 bytes)

Reduction Boxes Additional gear boxes, primarily used on swing-axle VW Buses, that reduce the transmission gearing to provide additional torque at lower speeds at the sacrifice of top speed.  This allows a smaller VW engine to be able to push a large amount of cargo down the road.  As a side benefit, they provided additional ground clearance.   Also see this forum posting

Reflectors Glass or plastic diamond-pattern items that reflect light when hit by the headlights of passing cars.  Provides additional visibility at night.  Most commonly used when referring to early VW Bus reflectors, such as those used
on all 1950-1955 Buses and 1955-1957 US-delivered Buses.
reflectors.jpg (39778 bytes)

Regulator Electrical component of the VW charging system the regulator keeps the generator output at a common level. 7.4v for 6v vehicles and 13v for 12v vehicles.  See also Window regulator.

Reichsverband der deutschen Automobilindustrie (RDA) The German Automobile Industry Association: the pseudo-official association of automobile manufacturers that was charged by Adolf Hitler with the responsibility for producing the "Klein auto". A contract between the RDA and the Porsche Büro eventually resulted in the development of the KdF-Wagen

Repop Slang for Reproduction.

Replicars Refers to "Replica" cars of rare or famous ones built on a VW chassis out of fiberglass.

Repro Slang for Reproduction.

Reproduction General term for a non-VW produced part made in modern times.

Reserve Valve Switchable valve used on the bottom of the gas tank befoer gas gauges were standard.  The valve had two intake tubes: A tall one and a short one. As the gasoline level in the tank drops, your car began to sputter from loss of gas, at which point the driver would turn a lever (Beetle/Ghia) or pull the reserve cable (Bus) switching the valve to the shorter tube which was still submerged in gasoline.  See Auf-Zu.

Resto Slang for Restoration.

Resto-Custom Style of VW usually consisting of a generally stock restoration but can often include a lowering job or a few custom components.
restocustom.jpg (40725 bytes)

Restoration The process of restoring a VW.  "It underwent a 3 year restoration". See pan-off restoration.

Reuters, Bernd Brochure illustrator from 1951-1960.  Extremely stylized, he emphasized the round forms of the cars and drew the passengers slightly smaller than correct scale to give the Volkswagen a larger and smoother look.
reuters1.jpg (160187 bytes) reuters2.jpg (10015 bytes)

Rev Slang for "revolutions per minute".  Usage: Rev the engine so I can locate that strange noise.

RGB See Reduction Boxes

RHD Right-hand drive.

Ribbed Bumpers Bumpers used in the front and rear on pre-1959 VW Buses and Split-Window Beetles.
Buses also use the term pressed bumpers.
ribbedbumpers.jpg (58933 bytes)

Ribbed Door Term used for early Beetle doors where there is a metal "rib" visible above the door panel on the inside.

Rims Aluminum or steel frame that provides a framework for the tire; wheels.  Common Volkswagen rims include: Radars, Raders, Sprint Stars, Fuchs, etc.

Riviera Riviera Motors was the Beaverton, Oregon based regional distributor of Volkswagens. At some point they decided to contract with ASI (Automotive Services, Inc.), based in the Vancouver, Washington area, for Type 2 camper conversions modeled after Westfalia Campmobiles.
riviera.jpg (28746 bytes) riviera2.jpg (26706 bytes)

Roadster A hardtop vehicle that has had the roof permanently removed with no intention of providing a top.
roadster1.jpg (117125 bytes) roadster2.jpg (49937 bytes)

Rocker Outside area of a VW Beetle, Type 3, or other sedan, to the exterior of the heater channel, underneath the front doors.  On a VW Bus, the area under the cargo doors or a similar area on the other side where a Double Door
Bus might have cargo doors. 
rocker1.jpg (71147 bytes)

Roll it Slang; Just drive it, as advice to someone instead of making a repair, e.g. "Should I fix this, or just Roll it?"

Roller Slang; A chassis that has the complete front beam and a transaxle so it can be towed.

Roller Pedal Gas pedal consisting of a rotating wheel, used on Beetles until September, 1957

Rometsch Rometsch was a specialty coach-builder that, like Hebmüller and Dannenhauer und Staus, produced a number of very exotic cabriolets.
rometsch1.jpg (62367 bytes) rometsch3.jpg (61033 bytes) rometsch2.jpg (68332 bytes)

Roo Bars See cow-catchers.

Roofrack Accessory rack for the roof, used to carry luggage or other cargo.
roofrack1.jpg (18354 bytes) roofrack2.jpg (59616 bytes) roofrack3.jpg (68567 bytes)

Rugbrød Danish: Literally "rye bread". In Denmark, a nickname for the "Bay Window" Transporter.

Rust The reddish brittle coating formed on metal especially when chemically attacked by moist air and composed essentially of hydrated ferric oxide.
rust1.jpg (40073 bytes) 

Rustbucket Slang for an incredibly rusty car.
rustbucket.jpg (138673 bytes) rustbucket2.jpg (81477 bytes)

Rust-Through Describes locations an a VW where rust has completely eaten away the metal leaving a hole.  Often found on the rockers, floorpan, roofline, etc.
rustthrough1.jpg (110849 bytes) rustthrough2.jpg (57804 bytes)

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