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PostPosted: Sun Apr 14, 2013 9:23 am    Post subject: Tech Tips Reply with quote

To link to this thread
[url=https://www.thesamba.com/vw/forum/viewtopic.php?t=552008&start=0&postdays=0&postorder=asc&highlight=]Tech Tips[/url]

Press Ctrl>F then type in search query in the box upper right corner.

*** BAY WINDOW FAQS/Sticky ***
Tcash Picks
M-Plate Location
M-Codes, 1968-1979
Type 2 M-Plate Decoder
M-Plate Decoder
M-Code question - not found in FAQ - UPDATE!
VIN, Chassis, Engine number locations
Bus VIN Chassis / Engine Numbers
VW Birth Certificates
Certificate Generator, english link, automuseum.volkswagen
VW Engine Letter Codes
Engine Type ID
Model Numbers
T2 Identification ID Tcash
Lost Title
Bus parts manual + manuals
Parts identification ID T2 (lots of pix) FAQ
Fuel Injection (Bosch Parts Interchange)
Alternator Type IV (4)
Bearing Cross Reference - Type 2

Air Conditioning link/t2-bulli.
Air conditioning upgrade w/ Gilmore + DPD evap = COLD (photos)

68-72 VW Bus Steering Box Removal & Installation (Wolfgang)
1968-72 Steering Box Replacement (lots of pix)
Early Bay Bus Worm and Peg Box '68- '72 Dis/ReAssembly
Steering column Assembly T2a
Steering Box replacement in a 1971 VW Bay Window Bus
Installing 73-79 TRW Steering Box in a 68-72 (demon1018)
Late Bay Steering Box to Early Bay
Steering wheel repair thread?
Building an adjustable beam with Avis adjusters (Tutorial)
77 Front Beam Rebuild
Wheelskins Installation
Swing Lever Shaft Kit, Center Pin, Center Link, Installation
Bay window front end ball joint replacement. How I did it.
Ball Joint Grease (Zerk) Nipple (Fitting) Install (Pic Heavy/FreedomBuild
How to adjust Koni Shocks link/koni-na.com

Torsion bar setting chart
Cutting off rear upper shock nut
IRS Rear Wheel Bearing Repack/Replace
Spring Plate Angle/Torsion Bar Adjustment (Pics Added)
Modifying 46mm or 1-13/16" socket for Torque Meister
CV Joint Servicing Link, Tom's VW Pages
CV Assembly Link, outfrontmotorsports.com
CV Joints servicing & mainttenance Link, benplace.com
CV Joint Maintenence Link, van-cafe.com
CV Joints 101 Link, blindchichenracing.com
CV Joint Maintenance, type2.com Link
what size is the axle nut on a bus?
Correct Size Tool To Remove Axle Bolts Or CV Bolt
How to Remove Stripped CV Bolt Head

T2 Window Scraper Installation
How To** Replace a Bay Outside Window Scraper
Mud Flaps Mounting T2b
Spray paint, T2, Aerosol, Rattle Can, Close to factory color
How I made an engine access panel look factory
Install Wind. Regulator,Window&Wing Window Assmbly Pt 1
Install Wind. Regulator,Window&Wing Window Asmbly. Pt 2
Cab Door disassembly/maintenance/adjustment/reassembly (lots pix
Bay Window Front Door Latch Problems
Replacing the '69-79 Bus Front Door Lock Spring
Installing Door Panels
Restore, Rebuild, Refurbish Front Door
door check sound like a gun shot?
(door) Vapor Barrier Replacement How-To, Colin
Sliding Door+Directions+Operating+Operation+Using (tech tip)
Sliding Door Link, ratwell.com
Sliding Door Hinge Assy Refresh
Sliding Door Support Roller Refresh
Sliding Door Interior Overhaul Part I - inspect, clean, and remote control lock
Sliding Door Interior Overhaul Part II - center lock and sliding door retainer
Sliding Door Interior Overhaul Part III - insulation, reassembly, adjustment, and done!
Sliding Door not closing Late bay
Dash Repair
How to install power locks in a bay window bus
T2b Turn Signal Seal Replacement
'72-74 Turn signal switch repair
Bay Window Crashworthiness--VW Documentation
How to: Repair your broken rear emblem studs... Pix Heavy
Removing aftermarket paint to get OG paint(Stripping paint)
Locating your Key Code...various years and models
Rekeying a lock - Tutorial
Mounting side view mirrors
BMW power windows in a 74 Westy
window winders converted to BMW series 3 motors
73 - 79 Class-2 style trailer hitch How To
The how to calibrate your speedo thread
Inside latch release for the rear hatch?
76 Rear Hatch Overhaul - lock, latch, insulation and trim panel
Rear Seat Wall Overhaul - cleanout, insulate, new panel
Moulding Belt Line ID
Sixer's windshield install (1976 Transporter)
Middle (center) seat identification
Front Bucket Seats ID
Soundproofing (Tip)
Early Bumper Step Pad install tip
Tip on replacement vinyl washer for Bus side mirrors, use vinyl washers/spacers that comes with a blank pack of CD-ROMs or DVDs
sunroof FAQ open stuck parts plastic cover cables
Unlocking the Mystery of VW Locks,by Dave Hall (1997) Link,http://www.hallvw.clara.net/
Bodywork How To's
Electrolysis Rust Removal [videos]

1968-70 Front Brake Job (lots of pix)
Brazilian Brake booster install in a T2
ATE Brake Caliper Rebuild 1973-79
Mechanical Brake Light Switch
T2 Early/Late Front Disc Brake Differences & Parts
Hubcap clip installation
Converting a t2a to a Beetle Fill Reservoir
Brake Caliper Piston Retaining Plate Install+Installation
Chaining with a harp
How to: Install power brakes into 1968-1970 Bus (Pic heavy)
Caliper identity help
Brake Light Switch Tech (External link)
Tire size calculator (External Link)

Replacing the rear seat/bed hinges
DIY front door window camping vents/screens
Laminate Repair...tutorial w photos
Fabricating a stainless steel swivel table leg and hardware !!! Dead link. Anyone have a replacement for me? -Brian
How To Remove Your Late Westy Interior (Pics)
Rock N Roll bed measurements / how to (z bed)
Installing a Vanagon Westy interior into a bay.
DIY front window camping vents/screens
1976 Refrigerator Overhaul (techtip)
Headbanger Cabinet Restoration Part I - original condition
Headbanger Cabinet Restoration Part II - restoration
Headbanger Cabinet Restoration Part III - reassembly
Big Table Restoration Part I - original condition and woodworking
Big Table Restoration Part II - laminate work
Big Table Restoration Part II - reassembly
Jalousie Seal Tutorial
Jalousie pop rivet replacement & New Cranks
Jalousie (louvered) Window Restoration
VW Beetle Windshield Install
Applying Por-15 to Scott's Bus
Closet Restoration Part I - original condition
Closet Restoration Part II - teardown, repair, and refinish
Closet Restoration Part III - refinish (cont.) and laminate
Closet Restoration Part IV - trim and final assembly
Restoring Camper Top
Westfalia Seat / Bed Operation (How did I not know this!?)
D.I.Y casting cabinet handles and other bus bits
Replace Pop Top Tent
Refrigerator Power Control Panel Restoration
Headliner Flocking replacement on 78 Westy
bed foam thickness on a 79 westfalia
Foldable Shower Floor
Amescador Tailgate Tent DIY Pictorial Reference
Dying Curtain Fabric
fridge replacement projects - post here
Icebox Camping Tip
Restoring Westfalia Cabinet Door Molding
A tip on how to get your fridge/cooler white again
Tutorial on removing 71 westy interior

Clutch Action
Clutches - what pressure plate with what throwout bearing,link Glenn

Late Bay Instrument Panel Wiring
Starter Bushing Install
Transmission Ground Trap Location
Ignition switch testing , voltage drop test
Light Bulb Chart T2
1970 Ignition Lock Cylinder Removal FAQ
1971-M74 Ignition Lock Cylinder Removal FAQ
Ignition Lock Removal L74-79/ratwell
L74-79 Ignition lock cylinder / ignition switch blues. FAQ
Reading DIN current track style wiring diagrams
Volkswagen Hazard Switch Wiring
Spark Tester
Turn Signal (Indicator) Flashers and 4-Way Hazards
38 amp generator install
Volkswagen Hazard Switch Wiring
Installing aftermarket turn signal switch
Voltage regulator ID
I may have discovered a new cause of alternator charge probl
Light housing reflective material
Headlight Switch Wiring
Front sidemarker - turn signal modification
Condenser Failure in Conventional Ignition Systems
Pertronix (all points replacements) vs Points
Best anti theft system
Starter id = Which clutch cover/bell housing you have
Bosch European H4 Headlights 55/60watt H4 for my Westy
Getting to ignition switch, steering column removal tips
Ignition barrel on 72-E74 Type 2's
Alternator Type 4
How To: Key In Radio On Relay for Earlier Buses
Tutorial for (door buzzer) stereo switch
Tail light retro fit (early)
Early bay tach how to (pic heavy)
How to fix a sticky starter/SGKent
VDO Electro-Mechanical Kienzle Clock Repair
Checking Generator Brushes
iPhone in the ashtray
Miscellaneous Automotive Circuits/Telford
Independent direction-indicator warning light upgrade:NASkeet
Komfort Blinker or Courtesy Blinker retrofit to the '75-'79 Bus
Coil Wiring Correct Polarity/SGKent
Tip for junkyard gauges
411941583C+411-941-583C+Headlight Dimmer Relay
1970 Fuse Box Conversions
Steering wheel removal
Dual Carb Engine Wiring, Colin
Question To Ratwell For The Edification Of Us All, How Does The Horn Ground Wire Work, Colin
Parasitic Draw/ Testing for slow battery drain
Early bay tach how to (pic heavy)
BluMaxx blowers, Wildthings
how 2 - convert your stock washer air switch to electric Link/earlybay.com
Diagnostic plug explained link/nls.net
Remote starter diagnostic plug
Alternator Wiring Guide link/2.cip1.com
Function Test for Pertronix Module link/ttalk.info/Tech
Headlight Dimmer Relay Replacement Instructions link, oldvolkshome.com
Condenser Specs
1968~79 VW Type 2 window wiper & washer upgrades/NASkeet
Wiper Refresh,Colin
73-79 wiper assembly removal and lube
Wiper Motor Tutorial on removing, diss-assembling, cleaning
Intermittent Wipers
Build a delayed wiper control 68-72&73-79Telford
DIY Ambulance Fans

Exhaust System Bay Window ID
Bosch 010 Distributor Rebuildfeatured in Hot VW Magazine link/glenn-ring.com
Distributor 113905205T rebuild *PIC Heavy*
Refreshing a DVDA or SVDA distributor - my photographic tale
Distributor Rebuild Refresh
VW Training Films
Type 4 Crankcase Breathing System Tests & Analysis
Distributor Finding TDC #1/ Installing Drive Gear and Dist.
Finding True TDC
Dual relief oiling system. How it works.
Throttle positioner (altitude corrector) Install
Shipping weights
T2 How much does Engine Transmission weigh weighs weight
Installing a type 1 (upright cooling) engine in a type 4 72+
Vacuum Can Discussion Thread
Heat Shrink Repairing the molded rubber hose #022 201 919
Stripped oil pressure switch--Time-sert repair
Type I (1) Full Flow Oil Filter Tech (external link)
Type I (1) Oil Galley Plugs (external link)
Type IV (4) Oil Galley Plugs
Checking & Setting End Play
homemade Type IV timing scale
Type 4 Dipstick Tube Modification
replacing dipstick boot
Type IV (4) Cooling Flaps Closed n Open
Heat exchanger tin, joint repair.
E-Z LOCK Threaded insert/ Thread insert/ Thread repair
Finding vacuum leaks with smoke (smoke test, tester)
Type 4 Pushrod tube o-ring replacement
Spark Plug Thread Repair
Tool to remove the M14 Triple Square oil pressure control valve retaining bolt.
Using a cheapo valve spring compressor.
TSII Head Temperature Control Knob (manual Temp sensor II)
Air Cleaners t2
72+ Muffler Heat Shield Dimensions
Exhaust 1979 California Catalytic Converter (CAT) Delete
Points adjustment tip, pull the Distribtor
Cranks Won't Start, Quick test to isolate the problem
How to bench bleed hydraulic valve lifters
Starting a Motor on the Floor Link/superbeetles.com
Cam Backlash: The Whole Story link/gowesty.com
Type 4: Secrets Revealed link/tunacan.net
Gene Berg Tech Tips link/geneberg.com
Setting end play FAQ
Engine Calculator link,CB Performance
VW Engine Sounds by John Muir link, ratwell.com
Checking & Setting End Play Link/ aircooledtech.com

AFM Advanced Test
Fuel Injection (Bosch Parts Interchange)
1977 FI Fuel Injection ID Pics
DIY Fuel Injector Cleaning and Test Bench (Arduino Nano)
Inside the FI electric fuel pump 043 906 091
Fuel Injection Diagram Collection
Auxilary Air Regulator (AAR) Purpose and Functioning
Melted Injector Tip,Pintle Caps
Double Relay Explained. . . In Color!, Colin
AFM signal testing with Link to video
Illustrated AFM Adjustment Procedure, Colin
AFM signal testing with video
Late FI Bus EEC Valve Fix
How to make your own FI double relay
Fuel injection conversion shopping list - parts required
1977 2.0L Type 2 Fuel Injection wiring harness details
Fuel Injection Series Resistor Pack Reinforcement How-to
Fuel Injection Vacuum Hoses Link, ratwell.com
Testing FI Fuel Pressure
Trouble-shooting guide for L-Jetronic fuel injection
Testing FI Fuel Pressure
L-Jetronic FI harnes ('79) pictures and schematic
1977 FI ID Pics
Rebuild Your FI wiring harness for less than $50
FI Component Checklist
Tcash wrote:
Fuel Injection Manual+Manuals Thanks to Chris 914
Gasoline Fuel-Injection System L-Jetronic Technical Instruction, Edition 95/96, BOSCH
Vanagon/Type II Fuel Systems (79 CA)
The D-Jetronic Electronic Control Unit (ECU)


Fuel Gas Tank Cleaning and Por 15 Sealer
Removing the fuel gas tank without dropping the engine
Carburetor Base Numbers
Fuel Sender Testing t2a
Fuel sender early fix T2a
Another fuel sender repair method T2a
Fuel Gauge Troubleshooting ('73-'77 Type 2) Link/type2.com T2b
HOW TO: Revive your fuel gauge sender for $1 T2b
Safety Wire Stops Fires
Fuel fittings, Adding a barb
40 h.p. - 1600 c.c. Fuel Pump Rebuild
Adjusting 34-PDSIT-2/3 carbs
Final Factory Dual Carb Adjustment Procedure(Amskeptic)
Adjusting Dual Carbs. . . for rustybus and all
021 129 649 Replacement Hose, Air Cleaner To Carburetor T2
Introduction to throttle positioner and altitude adjuster!
Idling Enrichment Valve 021 129 052 A
Accelerator Pedal Linkage Upgrade
Repair cable end
How to make a progressive work properly on a VW engine.
Centermount, progressive, 2BBl carb on Type IV doesn't suck
34 Pict idle system explanation
Zenith 32 ndix(installed)
Fuel Pump Loose Fitting
Teflon Tape (for gas)
Fuel Shutoff Valve
Hot VWs Rebuilding the Pierburg Fuel Pump
You can rebuild the 34 Pict 3
Carburetor Overhaul -30 PICT/2 & /3; 34 PICT/3 & /4 Link, vw-resource.com
Basic Tuneup, and Adjustment of the Solex 34 PICT/3 Carburetor Link,vw-resource.com
carb throttle blade hole soldered closed
Broken fuel pump pedestal, how to get broken piece out
Broken fuel pump flange...,removal tool
Rebuilding a Solex H 30/31 carb for the baja Part 1 link, The Bug Boys
Rebuilding a Solex H 30/31 carb for the baja Part 2 link, The Bug Boys
Comparing stock Solex carbs to each other, and to the H30/31
Fuel Tank Shut Off Solenoid Install

'71 Rear Wing Window Rebuild

The Type 2 Heating System Explained...
How to adjust heat diverter / heat distribution valve cable
Heater cable housing repair
Propex Heater Install Under Water Tank
Heater box restoration
Heat Exchanger Restoration
Heater Cable Remove and Replace Tutorial with Pics
My BA6 gas heater install (pic heavy)
BA6 Gas Heater rebuild
Heater cable assembly order - UPDATED PHOTOS
Heater Cable Remove and Replace Tutorial with Pics
Thermostat repair, step by step with pics
BN4 Eberspacher Restoration and installation - 72-78
How to stop huffing noxious fumes?(heat exchangers)
Broken Defrost cable not really broken(SGKent
Accordion tube refurb Pics

Heater tube replacement
Heater Tube Replacement
Heater Lever restoration how to 74-79 buses
How I augmented my heater flapper boxes

Luggage area panel restoration
Installing a new vinyl headliner on a 1968-79 Bus
The great insulation/ sound deadening thread...
Instrument Cluster ID
Patching a headliner
Front Bucket Seats ID
Front Bucket Seat Covers
Reupholster Seats
Upholstery Cleanup Tip - with a pic
Getting to ignition switch, steering column removal tips
Fire Safety Tip, get rid of any oily rags from your vehicles.
Cleaning tip
Fire Extinguisher Placement?
Revive your early bay lever knobs (tutorial with pictures)

Technical drawings Blueprints for T2 FAQ
"homemade" tools??...photo results
VW Tech Articles Index/aircooled.net
Symptoms Solved and Fixed
Youtube Videos
Type 2 Technical Resource Library
Volkswagen Technical Articles
Gowesty Article Library


Towing Your VW Van link/gowesty.com
Tow Bar....building my own, maybe just out loud thinking

Pilot bearing Using Vanagon 056 105 313 C Diesel in a Type 4
Transmission Clutch cable bracket boss repair
002 to 091, 091 to 002 information
T2 How much does Engine Transmission weigh weighs weight
Automatic transmission installation Warning Oil pump driveshaft
003 Automatic transmission refresh/rebuild Part 1 - Final Drive
003 Automatic transmisson rebuild Part 2 - Transmission half
Exploring the mysteries of the pyramid. A 5 rib rebuild.
If You Don't Like Spring-Loaded Shifter . . .
Front shifter bushing bracket repair (aeromech)
Rebuilding the Nose Cone
Shift Lock Wolfsburg West Prt#ZVW36A Install
Replacing transmission drive flange oil seal -pics-
68-79 Bus Drive Flange Seal
Differential Side Seals (drive flange service)
Differential Spacer & Lock plate seal (drive flange service)
Shifter Parts ID
My fix for a sloppy new front shifter bushing
Identifying transmissions
Transmissions For Dummies
Gear Ratios, Ratwell.com Link,
Bus Shift Points Revisited, Colin
Page on Transaxles Fresh Off The Press, Colin

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