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Split Bus FAQ and How Tos - *Read before posting*
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PostPosted: Tue May 11, 2004 9:34 am    Post subject: Split Bus FAQ and How Tos - *Read before posting* Reply with quote

This thread will contain links to the answers to common questions about Buses.

If you have a link that should be added to this list or a correction, please PM me (EverettB) and I will add to the list below.
Please do not post new threads asking these same questions, post in the threads that are linked below.

Site Topics
How to post photos in the Forums
More topics in the Site Forum

VW Bus Videos

Common/General Bus Topics
Bus How-To articles/links
Where can I decode my M-code plate? (VIN #s, option codes, paint codes, and so on)
Official "What oil should I use" topic
GL 4 or GL 5 - "Official Gear Lube Topic" (Transmission fluid)
Bus sightings / Spotter's thread
Lost and Found Data Plates

-- Buying/Selling --
What should I look for when buying a Bus?
Is a Bus for me? (Feedback from members on whether you should buy a Bus)
How much is my Bus worth?
Auto Transport/Shipping Information

-- Westfalia/Camper --
How to ID your camper (Westy or non-Westy)
Official Pressed Bumper Westfalia thread
Westy interior upholstery fabric and patterns
Westy tents
Westy tent mounts
SO23 Westy - Interior Limba wood restoration
SO-42 pop top roof panels
SO-42 curtains
SO-42 rear facing seat
SO-44 curtains
Roof racks
Westy racks
Westy rack wood
Building a full-length wood slat roof rack
Putty for Jalousie /Hehr windows and Westy subhatch trim
Jalousie / Hehr windows installation instructions | restoration | replacement parts | Replacing Anti Vibration pads
Sisal Mats
SO-23 Sisal Mat Sizing
The SK 692A special paint westfalia
Refinishing a 1961 sk692a SO-23 Westfalia - interior wood
SO42/SO44 poptop canvas replacement

-- Suspension/Lowering --
Tires, Wheels, and Suspension
How to lower a Bus
How do I lower my Bus?
How to build a narrowed beam | How to build a narrowed beam
Straight axle kit sources
Bus Center Pin Replacement (Better)
Swing lever pin replacement (Alternate)
Steering box disassembly
Bus Steering Box Seal
Lug bolts
Front end components and alignment tips
Rear suspension rubber mount restoration
Mounting a late front sway bar on an early beam

-- Brakes/Tires/Wheels --
Dual Master Cylinder conversion
Disc Brake Kits / Front disc brake conversion
Brake bleeding methods/links
How to identify original hub caps
Hubcap clips | Hubcap clips | Hubcap clips
Brake Pedal Spring replacement
The difference between Bug and Bus wheels
Bus 14"/15"/16" wheels
14" vs. 15" bus wheels
15" wheel discussion
15" Stock Tire Sizes and Vendors | 15" Tires - Bias Plies
Large Tires/Big Meats/Off-Road Tires
14" Tires | 14" Tires (Bay Window Tire Sticky)
Front wheel bearing adjustment
Beauty Rings / Trim Rings
Repro trim rings
Installing a big-nut transmission in a pre-64 Bus (E-brake discussion) | More | More | More
Spare Tire Mounting Bracket
Bus Front Brakes: Wheel cylinder pipe routing and bends
E-Brake removal and E-Brake pin replacement
E-Brakes cable spring clip

-- Electrical --
Bosch generator cross reference numbers
Decklid bulb holder restoration
Wiring Harness | Wiring Harness | Wiring Harness
Wiring Harness Replacement -Tutorial with photos
Wiring terminals and crimping tool
Screw terminal wire caps | Wire ends - uninsulated ferrules
6v to 12v conversion | 6v to 12v conversion
HID headlights
Improving headlights and other lights - H-4 headlights
LED Lights
55-57 USA Bubble taillights / European flat taillights / reflectors
'57-'61 "dollar" taillight lenses
'57-'61 reflective tail light lens refurbishment
Decklid center brake lights
50-57 reflectors
58-61 taillight location
62-up taillight location
Sapphire radio Information
Sapphire radio repair
Radio speaker/bracket | Radio speaker/bracket | Radio speaker/bracket
Radio Grille Cloth - Between radio / speaker and dash (also radio bracket)
Stereo System Install in a Bus
Turn signal troubleshooting
Turn signal relay
Turn signal flasher early style - How it works
1958 VW Bus Turn Signal relay rebuild / refurbishment
Late 1967 Turn Signal Lever Replacement with a Wolfsburg West Repro
Turn signal relay/emergency relay - big box relay (External link)
Turn signal arm restoration
Where to put gauges
Steering Lock: Differences
Steering lock discussion
Steering lock installation
License plate light lenses
License Light: Bulb Holders 58-67
Wiper Motors | Wiper Motors
Ambulance fan switch
Headlight Assembly process
Headlight bucket paint colors
Semaphore reference guide and FAQ
How to test a coil
Bosch coil part numbers
Ignition Switch Repair
Speedometer types and year ranges
Speedometer restoration
Speedometer needle removal
Clear and Amber 62-67 front turn signal lenses
Emergency dash light discussion
Headlight Switch rebuild process (External link)
Adding brake and reverse lights | Adding brake and reverse lights
How to fix a Sticky Starter

-- Engine --
Engine Traders Thread - Find correct engine
54-55 correct motor info
(56-57 motor info, need thread)
58 correct motor info (starting @ pg64)
May 1959 - May 1960 "Bastard" 36hp engine
(+61?)62 correct motor info
Original motor case # trade/sell/info
Fuel pump rebuild jig
Crank handles for 36hp Buses | Crank handles for 36hp Buses
Engine case markings
Engine case production date
Air cleaners
Air cleaner service/cleaning
Stale Air 40hp engines
1500cc Fan Shroud
exhaust clamp kits
36hp heater box J-tube restoration
Stock Bus Muffler discussion and pics
Bus Mufflers
Bug vs. Bus Muffler | Bug vs. Bus Muffler
Long vs. short studs - 40hp
356 generator pulley in a Bus
67 Bus engine tin and pre-heat
Bus Intake Manifold Identification
Engine external oil cooler and Parts list (Part of an overall Bus thread)

Engine Cooling and Cabin Heating System Tutorial
Heater cable replacement
Rear seat heater pipe

-- Safari's --
Safari window discussion
Safari Glass
Safaris - threaded plate
One-eyed duck (Safari windshield wiper holder)

-- Interior/Seats/Seals --
Middle Seats
Rear / Back Seats
Walk thru front seats
Walk-thru front seats and changes
Seat mounting hardware | Seat mounting | Seat mounting
Rear seat mounting brackets
Bench front seat bracket measurements
1/3 2/3 front seat mounts
63-67 driver's seat - adjustment and removal
Black front seat upholstery
59-61 Grey Commercial Bus front seat upholstery
Front seat cover video (External YouTube link)
Double Cab rear seats
Front Floor Mats
Walk-thru mats
Spare Tire Covers
59-61 Blue-Grey interior pattern | More | More
Mohair headliner discussion
Cleaning headliner
3-point seat belts
Middle and rear seat belts - seat belt mounting
Middle and rear seat belts - seat belt mounting
Door Rubber seals and original door rubber seal patterns
Door Seals
Sound deadening
Standard Microbus rear luggage area hardboard
Deluxe rear luggage area carpet
Rear luggage area tar strips
Ragtop / Sunroof restoration
Sunroof cover replacement
Ragtop / Sunroof cover replacement tips
Ragtop / Sunroof Cover replacement
Overhead air vent seals
Overhead air vent directional lever and seals
Front Window Latches
Vent wing seals and latches
Front door window frame restoration (Part of a larger thread but detailed)
Vinyl seat repair
Rubber kick panel material at bottom of front seat bulkhead
Cargo door check straps
Inner cargo door latch identification
Cargo door mechanism rebuild
Steering wheel restoration
'67 rear view mirror
Rear view mirror rebuild
Visor identification
Roof-mounted speaker bracket
Dash board changes
Parcel Tray Changes
Parcel tray / Package Tray upholstery / covering
Drink tray - Bench seat Buses
Bench bulkhead panel trim removal and install
Door Pocket rivets

-- Transmission --
Tunnel-case / Split-case nosecone mounts
Installing a tunnel transmission into an early split-case transmission Bus
Transmissions | Transmissions | Transmissions | Transmissions
Shift Rod Bushing installation
Early shift rod 'M' guide
Front shift coupler removal
Rear shift coupler
1950-1967 Type 2 Gear Ratios
Gear ratio images in Gallery - Here | Here | Here
Reduction gear boxes (RGBs)
Reduction Gear Box (RGB) Differences
Reduction Box Bearing Pullers: Info and Sources
Reduction Box Rebuild Photos
Small Nut Reduction Box Disassembly
Reduction Box Leaks/Rear axle seal replacement | Reduction Box Leaks | Reduction Box Leaks
How To: Install rear axle seal
Spring Plate Bolts
Reverse lock-out plate
60-66 and 66-67 shifter differences
Front shift rod differences
Clutch pedal lever
How to flip ring gear?
Transaxle rebuild guide (External link)

-- Fuel system --
How to test fuel gauge
How to test fuel sender
Fuel sender rebuild (Bay Window section but same)
Fuel sender discussion | New VDO fuel senders
Gas tank restoration | Gas tank restoration
Gas tank color
Installing a Bay Window gas tank
Bay Window tank install
Overhauling the fuel reserve tap
Rebuild fuel tap (Beetle Forum - with photos)
In tank fuel filter screen install order
Bus gas cap
Gas pedal linkage - parts and installation
Accelerator cable spring assembly on early carburetors
Accelerator cable guide tube
Accelerator pedal bracket / hinge / floor mount
New reproduction fuel pump - refit to use on 40hp / 1500cc

-- Metalwork/Paint/Body -- (also see Body/Paint forum)
Samba Iron Workers club (list of threads with metalwork/rust repair)
Cargo rocker replacement
Bus Front Floor Replacement
Front door hinge repair
Why do people value original paint Buses?
How to remove aftermarket paint to reveal original paint
L-82 Silver White power-coat matching
Color of paint (primer) in cargo area/underneath/belly
Color of paint for intake manifold and heater boxes
Hubcap center paint
Dove Grey Hubcap/color/paint/powdercoating
Replacing your Bus Nose
Dog leg replacement
Door hinge pin removal | Door hinge pin removal
64-67 Front door check rod fix
Cargo door screw removal
Engine decklid prop and spring
Rear Aprons
Deluxe beltline trim
Deluxe beltline trim insert
Rocker trim
Bumpers and bumper trim
Rear bumper splash pan and bumper brackets color?
Bumper trim installation
Pressed bumper brackets
Pressed bumper hardware
1959-60 Truck rear bumper
Split Bus vs. Bay Window bumpers
Heater tube wrap material | exact specifications | replacement material
Rear seat heater tube
Heater tube replacement using exhaust piping
Heater Tube replacement / repair
Cargo Door Nut Plate | Cargo Door Nut Plate | Cargo Door Nut Plate
Radio area dash repair
Position of front emblem
Original Pinstripes/Pinstriping
Pedal pan / Front splash pan
Front door handles and mechanisms
Door handle spring installation
64 65 66 67 Front Door Handle troubleshooting
Cargo door outer handle internals
Lower nose inner valance replacement tips
Rear Volkswagen and 1500 Scripts
Jackpoint Templates
Short Rocker Replacement
Flat Wheel well / arch measurement | 62-67 Wheel well / arch measurement
Youtube video of fixing front nose damage with inflatable football
Rear Hatch Indent
Truck Gate Repair
Decklid repair
Rear cargo door latch repair
Wiring conduit details on belly pan Buses
64-67 Big Hatch latch and lock repair and restoration

-- Glass --
Cleaning window glass
Pop-out window restoration
Pop-out hinge installation tool
Headlight glass
Vent wing glass removal/restoration
Sigla vs. Sekurit vs. Delog glass
Front windshield repairs
Front Window Frame restoration
Windshield seal replacement
Front window glass install
Putty for Jalousie /Hehr windows and Westy subhatch trim
Jalousie / Hehr windows installation instructions
Jalousie / Hehr window restoration
Jalousie / Hehr window replacement parts
Jalousie / Hehr windows - Replacing Anti Vibration pads

-- Topics about specific Buses --
Post Barndoor, Wolfsburg Bus Features And Changes
The crazy 8's ('58's thread)
Palm Green / Sand Green (PG/SG) Buses
Join the Mango Mafia - Mango Bus pics
Turkis / Turquoise / Turkis-Bluewhite thread
Sea Blue Buses
L87 Pearl White Buses
Sealing Wax Red / Beige Grey (SWR/BG) only thread
Single Cab Thread
Double Cab/Crew Cab Thread
Binz Double Cab trucks
Official 1959 - 1963 15 window count thread
Swivel Seat Buses
1967 Bus Features
Lotus White Deluxe Buses
Sunroof Kombi / Standard Buses - Registry
Brazilian Bus discussion
Brazilian Bus VIN Numbers discussion

-- Restoration threads --
Neil's 1958 15-Window Deluxe Restoration
1956 Sunroof Kombi
1958 "Coram Rug Works" Bus
1959 Single Cab Restoration Thread "Funky Truck" (Detailed metalwork on a Single Cab)
BulliBill's 1959 Double-Cab restoration
Pearl White walk-thru '63 15-Window with 8K miles

-- Bus Extended Trip Reports / Adventures --
Taking your split bus off the beaten path... (General thread)
Detroit to Alaska Adventure!

-- Miscellaneous --
Date coding of parts from Hella/SWF/Bosch/Blaupunkt
Model Year vs. Production year
Truck wood bed slats
Truck wood slats for tilt / hoops
Panelvan upper vents | Panelvan upper vents | Panelvan upper vents
Date coding of parts
Dealer transmission/engine lift tool
Church keys
Bus Tool rolls
Mud flaps
Eriba Puck Camping Trailers
Winter storage / general vehicle storage
Theft Prevention
How to pack and ship a Bus middle seat
Where to jack up a Bus | Where to jack up a Bus
Bus Dollies

Split Bus information available on The Samba
VIN Numbers
Paint and Upholstery combinations
Wiring Diagrams
Production Figures

Other information on the Internet
Type2.com - Tons of technical articles
Type 2 Parts List and other manuals
Camper Interior

Type 2-specific Parts Vendors
Wolfgang Int.

Sheet metal vendors:
Gerson - KlassicFab aka the Green Panels
Bustoration (sells from various vendors)
Wolfsburg West

Type 2 only Clubs/Websites
LiMBO - USA-based
Dropgates.com - Trucks
Barndoor.dk - Barndoors
Arizona Bus Club
S.A.M.B.A. San Antonio Micro Bus Amigos

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 10, 2015 8:52 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

- Added one-eyed duck thread to the FAQ
- Removed NEATO link as the web site was dead (thanks to a member)

If you see any new or old threads that you think should be added to the FAQ:
PM me or post in this topic with a link and I will add it.

How to Post Photos
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